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How to Stop Snoring!


It is believed that snoring is a phenomenon which only happens to men. True ladies do not suffer anything like that and just wrinkle their noses and listen to the stories of their friends, as the poor ones suffer from insomnia because of the trills of their better half. Women’s magazine JustLady is not going to bring anybody to light, however, we believe that some readers will get useful information about the treatment of snoring.

Snoring occurs for many reasons. These may be injuries and defects in the structure of the nose, acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, and benign growths in the nose, throat and larynx. Smokers can snore due to increased mucus or postponement pitches on the rear wall of the nasopharynx. Most often obese people, who have stepped over the 40-year-old age mark, snore at night.

If you simply make characteristic sounds during sleep, you should not particularly be worried, although a trip to the doctor would not be amiss. But if the snoring is accompanied by respiratory problems, it is better not to delay. This snoring interspersing with periods of latency is called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. This disease is quite dangerous. Holding your breath, snoring, which carries several hundred times a night, provokes the development of heart diseases, hypertension, and eventually leads to death.

snoring treatmentIn the daytime, the snorer feels unwell,too. He is sleepy, suffering difficulties with focusing, headaches and disorders of sexual function. It is clear that these people urgently need to get tested and start treatment for snoring.


To date, several methods of treatment for snoring have been developed, but only a specialist can help you choose one that is best.

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If the doctor finds the adenoids or tonsils are enlarged, remove them. When the septum is deviated, it is necessary to correct this defect. Those who suffer from chronic runny nose, too, must undergo a special treatment.

Very often the cause of snoring becomes a proliferation of the soft palate or weakening of muscles. Then, during sleep, especially if you are lying on your back, the tissues of the roof of the mouth block the air from the airways, that’s why you get the sound and stop breathing.

In these cases, doctors recommend a surgery to reduce the soft palate. Today it can be done in several ways (nitrogen laser, and so on). However, you need to take into account that after the operation the situation can not only improve, but even get more complicated.

This does not mean you have to leave everything as it is. Just if you have decided once and for all to stop snoring, you should carefully choose the clinic and the doctor. Before you get the final diagnosis and treatment, in such clinics they conduct a full examination of the patient, including the examination of external respiratory organs, the study of the patient during sleep, and similar tests.

to stop snoring

Many people are helped to get rid of snoring with special drugs. Such medicines are taken for a month, with the same month break. There are special appliances for the nose and mouth, which are used at night. The nasal devices are designed to expand the nasal passages for the air to get better into the respiratory tract.

The meaning of oral appliances is that when a foreign body is in the mouth, the tongue will involuntary touch it, while the soft palate muscles won’t be able to relax and block the airway.

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It is said, that to stop snoring in one session it is possible using the radio-wave method, which aims to strengthen the muscles of the soft palate. To strengthen these muscles on their own without any intervention is possible by means of special exercises.

The patient is told to do these exercises: sticking out his tongue full forward (30 times), and then trying to force to push it in the throat (30 times). You should feel the tension of the muscles at the base of the tongue. Then you need to move your jaw back and forth (20 times), it will also help to strengthen the muscles. Finally bite a small object with your teeth and hold it for about 5 minutes.

To stop snoring, you can use another exercise. During the day, about 30 times pronounce the stretched sound of “I”, and try to do it with a certain force, as if you were singing. They say it is a good tool to help stop snoring in just a month.

If you are suffering from night trills when you sleep on your back, try to learn how to sleep in a different position. To do this, we recommend a simple way, which is, however, best used on your days off or on holidays, as in other case you are unlikely to get enough sleep.

The method goes as follows: sew a small ball on the back of your pajama jacket or T-shirt, that will not give you rest at night if you decided to sleep on your back. The method is somewhat unpleasant, but if you decide to stop snoring, you’ll have to undergo a couple of weeks of this torture.

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mask against snoringThere is another interesting method of treatment of snoring. The patient puts on a special mask, in which he must sleep. The mask is supplied with air under pressure, which prevents respiratory delays. According to the inventors, the method is effective, but requires long-term or even lifelong use.

How to Stop Snoring

In order to stop snoring, you can use folk remedies. Of course, we must understand that in severe cases that require surgical treatment, such methods are unlikely to help, but you can try.

As it was already mentioned, snoring can occur in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In these cases, healers advise to dig sea buckthorn oil into the nasal passages to soften and improve the respiratory mucosa.

For those who smoke, it is helpful to gargle olive oil at night. For the procedure, you need only one tablespoon.
Another treatment for snoring and nasal lavage is gargling a solution of sea salt.

In order to stop snoring, you can resort to this method. Take three cabbage leaves and properly pound them (you can use a meat grinder). Mix the gruel with a tablespoon of honey and eat before going to bed. You can drink cabbage juice with honey. This method promises to cure snoring in a month.

treat of snoring

In conclusion I would like to remind you that the cessation of breathing in between night roulades is a dangerous sign and requires immediate consultation with a specialist. Establishing an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment is possible only after a full examination of the patient.


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