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Baldness. How it Happens. How to Treat It!

Hair loss


Hair loss is very difficult to treat because of many reasons which cause baldness. Head skin suffers most of all because of a long influence of various external and internal factors. Such processes are going on in the scalp:  microcirculation and water-in-oil balance becomes wrong which leads to deterioration of food and growth of hair bulbs, finally to a hair loss.

Cosmetology has a rich experience in a solution of such disease as hair loss.  Transplantation of hair can be a surgical solution to baldness. However, we will talk about traditional remedies and treatment of a hair loss. Modern remedies for a hair loss include using of special preparations and bioadditives, normalization of nutrition, physiotherapeutic procedures, special medical masks and a mesotherapy. Any treatment of hair loss can be selected for each person.Baldness

Remedies Against a Hair Loss

First of all, you have to pass complex medical examination to exclude existence of such diseases as thyroid gland, lupus, anemia, diabetes and others which can be reason for hair loss developing.

Medical remedies are effective against baldness and help to restore hair. Duration of such treatment is usually many months. At the heart of medical remedies (shampoos and masks) can be: amineksit which prevent solidification a hairs’ root, an aminoproteina for stimulation of hairs’ growth, the oils of orange and a lavender which stimulat microcirculation of head skin. Essential oils of a cypress and rosemary are natural antiseptics. Glycoproteins make hairs’ life longer. Complex of enzymes strengthen a hair follicle. Coniferous essential oils get rid of excessive greasiness and dandruff of scalp.

Hair Loss and Baldness Reasons. 

Androgenic alopecia is the most serious reason of a hair loss. Reason of this disease is surplus of a man’s sexual hormone of testosterone. In women it may occur during a climacterium, pregnancy and in teenage period. In this case, strictly follow all recommendations of the trichologist who will create personal course of hormones and vascular medicines.

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Treatment of a hair lossSpectral analysis of a hair on microcells allows docotrs to understand what of there isn’t enough of in a body for growth of hair. Bioadditives and products which contain magnesium and silicon are useful too. Some diets may cause hair loss, because of lack of vitamins. In this case eat food with B5, C, N vitamins and especially food which contains iron. It is at the same time best of all to refuse fried, smoked, canned and spicy food. The most useful products are seaweed, mollusks, fish, vegetable oil, meat and soy products.

Heavy and long stress can be cause of heir loss. which causes serious hormonal changes in a body. In this case get rid of stress, do massage and use physiotherapeutic equipment.

Strengthening of Hairs. Massage of a Head

Massage of the head helps if disease isn’t too strong. Massage improves blood circulation and helps to active nutrition of hairs’ roots. The simplest massage can be made by massage brush. The teeth of a brush must be with roundish ends and don’t scratch the scalp. Do massage two or three times a week.

Baldness reasonsMassage with the help of hands is even more effectively. Grind the hairline by crosswise movements of both hands. Fingers must move up and down, from left to right and from right to left. Then do circular movements by fingers on 3 times round hairline. Do the similar movements 3 times from the periphery to center and vise versa. Then do spiral movements by hands from the center to the periphery, then – from the periphery to the center. Finally do wavy movements behind an auricle. Such massage is done for 7-10 minutes 2 times a week. Use also a medical mask. Physiotherapeutic procedures of a darsonvalization of head skin and electrostimulations will also improve blood circulation in scalp, decrease edema and activate the metabolism in hair follicles.

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Treatment of Hair with the Help of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy also helps increase chances in treating hair loss. Subcutaneous injections of special medical cocktails strengthen action of other procedures, allowing you to achieve, much quicker, a good head of hair. Injections make a mechanical irritation of active points on skin that improve blood flow and normalize exchange processes in the scalp.Hair loss reasons

Treatment of Hair Loss with the Help of Traditional Remedies at Home

Masks from cosmetic clay or sea salt may help to you prevent excessive hair loss at home. Rub these remedies into wet hair and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash away using warm water. Clay and sea salt possess the adsorbing properties and help to clear a hair follicle of excessive fat.

Treatment of a hair loss with a help of traditional remediesSuch traditional remedies as a cognac mask and lemon rinsing also help to slow down temporary hair loss. A tablespoon of cognac, one egg yolk and a dessert spoon of honey are the ingredients of the strengthening mask which you may apply before washing your hair. Rinse your hair with water which contains lemon juice.  Grated onion with honey can be applied too. Rub such substance into the roots of the hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Finally you may wash away this remedy. This onion mask stimulates blood circulation and has antiseptic effect.

Herbs for treatment of hair loss are used as masks too. Put sage, a tutsan, nettle, everlasting flower and henna into boiling water. After this leave it for four hours. Massage your head with the help of this substance before washing. Pepper tincture is also good remedy against heir loss. Put 1 red pepper in 100 g. of 70-degree alcohol then leave it for 6 or 7 days and filter. Then tincture is dissolved in 100 g. of water. Make massage of head 2-3 times a week.Remedies against a hair loss

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