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Nail Extensions: Create Them at Home


Nail extensions are a special material that becomes hard under ultraviolet rays.

This procedure helps to lengthen your nails and adds some glossy shine, as well as helping them to look neat and well-groomed.

The basis of nail extension: Gels

UV lamps are used to create nail extensions. There are several types of gels. The 3-phased system contains components of different functionality. A layer is applied to link a natural nail to an artificial plate. Another layer is used to simulate the body of a nail to form a full-length nail to lengthen the nail bed; a re-grown part may be painted with some contrasts. The 3rd layer is used to strengthen the manicure and add a glossy, smooth surface.

Specialists use a 2-phased system. The 1st gel is applied twice to create a link to the natural nail and to design the needed form of a nail. The second gel is a final step.

The 1-phased system is more convenient and may satisfy all needs of a master. Beginners usually use such a system.

“French” nailsMoreover, some gels have a sticky layer. As a rule, this information is on the product label. It is necessary to remove the top layer after its hardening.

On the tips

Nail extensions on tips. It is very easy to extend nails on artificial tips at home. You will need the following tools: UV lamp, transparent gel, camouflaged pink shade gel, white color gel, different size brushes to design a nail, flat brush to extend, degreaser, acid-free primer, bond, sponge, abrasive file, buff, cotton pads, nail polish remover, tips glue, finish-gel, oil for cuticle, tips cutter, tips.

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Preparing for your nail extensions

The first step is to wash and dry your hands. File every nail to create a desirable shape: square, oval and so on. Remove cuticle carefully and file a top layer to remove an adipose layer.

Choose tips according to re-grown nail size. You can lengthen even nibbled nails. Apply the glue on the end of a tip and stick it (hold 10 seconds) on- the-mitre of 45 degrees to a nail. Then, shorten it by special wire cutters up to the desirable length.

File down the linkage border using the abrasive nail file and start nail extension procedure. Un-oil each nail and use a bond or a plate surface. After the plate is dry use the primer. We need it to link the gel to your natural nail.

Gel extension nails

Applying nail extensions

Then start applying the gel. Take it a little from the middle of the nail along the full length to create a thin layer. Then dry it out with a 9-watt lamp for 1-2 minutes. You may use a 36-watt lamp to speed up the process. Move in 1-cm from the cuticle and apply the 2nd layer. Use a little bit more gel in the middle of the nail. It thickens a plate and prevents it from breakage after extension. Dry it again. Then apply camouflaged pink gel to lengthen a nail bed to create “French” style nail for example.

Design the end of the nail extensions with a colored or white gel. If burrs appear on the nail, file it and apply another layer of colored gel. Use finish gel at the very end of the procedure to add shine and to fix the gel.

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Nail extensions using special forms (reusable and disposable forms)

Reusable forms are plates and glued on the nail. Used to lengthen your natural nail on a re-grown plate. Paper or plastic is used to link them under the plate.

This procedure is similar to nail extension by means of tips. Link a form to your plate instead of artificial nails. Then apply the gel. When the 1st layer has hardened, remove a form and continue working with the needed size and length nails. You can design them with some ornamentation or just cover with a nail polish. After this, use finish gel with glossy shine at the end of the procedure. You should spend about 2-3 hours to complete it and about 40-60 minutes in case you use 1-phased gel.


  1. I have never done this myself but my sister actually asked me to do them with her just the other day! No one had clear and to the point instructions I could find online so thank you for these. I am sick of wasting so much money at the nail salon. I would much rather do it at home anyways :p


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