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Getting Rid of Acne in a Night with Home Remedies

Getting rid of acne

Facing acne is always unpleasant, especially if you find some the night before an important date or a night out. That is why you should always be ready to repel the intruders and know how to get rid of them very quickly. Here are some tips.


Start with the basics. Every night before going to bed wash your face, it will be the first step in the fight against acne. When finished washing, gently pat the face with a towel. Then take white toothpaste and apply it directly to the problem areas. Leave the paste for the night and in the morning rinse with water.


Another great help in the fight for a clean face is ice. It helps to establish the blood circulation in problem areas. Through contact with the ice the pores cool harshly, which makes it easy to remove dirt and grease. We recommend using the ice three times a day, if you want to get rid of acne. This measure will reduce the inflammation and give the skin a healthy appearance.Fight against acne


Honey is the best thing that nature has invented to deal with acne. This natural antibiotic fights infection and accelerates the healing process of acne. It is best to apply a little honey on a cotton pad and gently massage the problem area. Then honey should be left on the face for 30 minutes and washed off with warm water.


Lemon juice contains a lot of vitamin C and astringent, so it helps dry the pimples faster. By the way, the lemon acts no worse than astringent tonic bought in a store. Take a cotton ball, dip it in fresh juice, apply to problem areas and leave until the morning, and then rinse with warm water.

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how to get rid from facing acne


You will be surprised, but garlic can also be a natural cure for acne. It is rich in sulfur, which helps wounds heal faster. You just cut a clove of garlic and gently rub the pimples. After 5 minutes, rinse with warm water. One note: the smell of garlic stays for a long time left on the skin, so do this procedure only if you do not have to meet with people.

Egg White

Separate the white from the yolk, whisk and put the resulting natural medicine to the affected area. Leave until the next morning, and then rinse with warm water. After such a simple procedure, the skin becomes fresh and radiant.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil soothes the skin, reduces inflammation and improves the general condition of the skin. Just apply a little oil on the pimples before sleeping. The next morning, your skin will be much healthier and acne will be less noticeable.

fight for clean face


Steam helps to open the pores, and thus the effectiveness of their clean. The procedure is very simple: only need to boil water, and then hold face over the pot (not too close, or not to avoid burns). After the “bath” clean your face with warm water to the selected tool and apply a moisturizer.


Steam helps to open the pores, and thus to clean them more effectively. The procedure is very simple: you only need to boil water, and then hold your face over the pot (not too close, to avoid the burns). After such “bath” clean your face with warm water with a chosen cleanser and apply a moisturizer.The ways that helps in the fight for clean face

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