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5 Top Products to Strengthen Your Immune System

products to strengthen your immune system

Autumn is a season of chills, thus you need to have a strong immune system. In order to be ready for this period, it’s necessary to start taking specific measures as soon as possible. Of course, morning physical activity, crisp air walking and tempering are very important to protect your body as well as a correct diet.

 5 Products To Give an Immuno-stimulating Effect


It’s known that all healthy and fresh products help to strengthen one’s immune system as far as they are sources of vitamins, minerals and nutritious agents. However, there are several well – known top leaders in this process: garlic, ginger, honey, lemon and kefir. These products are available and you can eat them together with your favorite dishes or use these products as ingredients in cooking.


Once garlic saved Europe from plague epidemic, and today many chefs respect it for its sharp spicy taste and acuity. This is a real concentrate of health and powers. It has antitumor, anti-inflammatory and immuno-stimulating properties and volatile production (volatile odorous substances of garlic) help to fight with bacteria.

Garlic for immunityGarlic cleanses liver and recovers our body after overloads. Moreover, it is very useful if you have lots of stresses.

If you want to strengthen your immune system, then you need to eat fresh garlic (its shoots) and clovers. Unfortunately, few people can stand its smell. Don’t eat it at night if you want to have fresh breath in the morning. Clean your teeth properly after eating it and you won’t smell offensive breath in the morning.

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It’s very useful to add the garlic to sauces, meat dishes, salads or use it to rub toasts. However, if you hate eating fresh garlic then add it at the end of cooking to let the aroma disappear.


Use a ginger’s root to strengthen the immunity. Its curative properties are well – known from the ancient time. In China, people used this product to cure wounds and recover warrior power. The ginger’s root contains vitamins and minerals, healthy essential oils and special agents, which gives an individual taste and aroma.

It has a lot of C vitamin, retinol and B group vitamins. As to bactericidal effect, it reminds garlic, but the first one has more pleasant smell. The gingers stimulates appetite and digestion, normalizes gastric juice and bile secretion, removes vomiting and toxicoses under pregnancy.

GingerTherefore, you can add it to dress different dishes: soups, oatmeal, meat dishes and chicken. Ginger juice is used for salads as the main sauce. Candies with ginger, hot and alcohol drinks are very popular with this product.

Ginger tea gives a perfect effect and stimulates cells to fight with bacteria and infections. If you want to get a strong effect, then you can add honey or lemon.


This bright-yellow citrus is popular for its healing properties. Its acid taste causes rich salivation and appetite. Lemons have always been exotic products; they are widely used in cooking and feeding.

These products are used to cook salads, first and main courses; lemon is a very good ingredient to stew, fry, cook desserts and candies. Use some lemon to make tea or some cooling and hot drinks.

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LemonA high concentration of C vitamin in lemon activates the immunity stimulation; you can find it in fresh fruits and juice. However, it will be destroyed under  heat treatment and long – term contact with air. Thus, one should add the lemon juice in water or soda and drink immediately. That’s why drink tea with lemon separately.

If you eat a slice of lemon each day, then you won’t have problems with tiredness as you get a portion of C vitamin to maintain the immune system. It’s very useful to powder the lemon or blend it and mix with honey. Take this mixture twice a day.


This delicacy, produced by bees from floral nectar is known for its healing properties from the ancient times. It has anti-inflammatory, immuno-stimulating, healing and antistress effects.

There are different sorts of honey. Add some herbage and berries to strengthen its effect; try to eat a spoon of this sweetness and you will be healthy.

honey for boost healthIt is very useful to take natural honey in the morning and before going to sleep. Honey with St. John’s wort, raspberries, lemon and white honey is very popular. Another healthy combination for weak and exhausted people is honey with walnuts, cashew and dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins and prunes).


Kefir is considered a product to improve digestion and maintain the bowels protection from microbes. Due to D vitamin and calcium, it strengthens bones, helps hematosis, stimulates a synthesis of protective antibodies in blood and fights with viruses.

Drink fresh kefir, which has short effective date and living microflora. It would be great if you make daily kefir at home using yeast or whole milk and drink a glass before going to bed. Such product has a great usefulness for our immunity.

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kefirHowever, not all the products, listed above are the only ones to help the immunity. Nevertheless, they are available and you can start to strengthen your body immediately!


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