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Squeeze Them All: What Juice Squeezers are the Best?

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We’ve tested 7 juice squeezers from different price ranges and compared them to find out which one is the best.

It isn’t a secret that fresh juices are much more healthy than packed ones.  If you have a juice squeezer you can get vitamins all year round. We bought 7 squeezers made by popular brands: Braun J300 Multiquick 3, Moulinex JU 5811 Easy Fruit, Panasonic MJ-SJ01, Philips HR 1864, Polaris PEA 0829 Fruit Fusion, Scarlett SC-JE50S10, Vitek VT-3655.

All these models have the same centrifugal work principle, absence of a built-in vessel for juice and approximately the same contracted capacity from 700 up to 850 Watts.

Squeeze It to the Full

‘Which sample will be able to produce more juice than the others?’ – That was the question. To answer it our experts put a kilo of apples, carrots and oranges through each juicer. An absolute leader in this competition was the Panasonic. It managed to get 740 gr of juice from a kilo of the apples, 740 gr – out of the oranges and 604 gr out of the carrots.

Moulinex and Braun turned out to be less economical and produced 60 gr of juice less. A compact juicer, the Philips model when squeezing the oranges almost caught up with the Panasonic, but in the case of two other fruits it lost – 40 gr (apples) and 96 gr (carrots) less of juice. At the bottom of the list came Polaris, Scarlett and Vitek with the similar results, falling behind the leader in producing juice at 10-15%.Panasonic MJ-SJ01


Let’s imagine for a second, that you want to get a lot of juice. Which juicer will work without stopping and without cleaning it from pulp for a longer time?

In this kind of competition Moulinex and Braun won,  3.7 kg of carrots. 2.8 kg of the orange vegetables were processed by the Philips, and 1.7 up to 2 kg were processed by Polaris, Scarlett and Vitek. However, a super effective in squeezing competition sample by Panasonic got the last position, hardly having processed 1.5 kg of carrots: pulp didn’t reach the bottom of the container and it massed at the entrance, and as a result, blocked it.

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Full Suite

The convenience of using a juicer can be defined by several factors: its components, stability and additional functions.

The one that stands on its feet securely is Moulinex. Moreover, it has a spacious feed tube, large vessel for pulp and unlike the Braun and Philips brands,  there is a ‘drop-stop’ system. Juicers by Polaris, Scarlett, Vitek and Panasonic didn’t receive the highest marks from the experts, nevertheless they have everything needed to provide their functions.

Moulinex JU 5811 Easy FruitA ‘drop-stop’ system prevents the remaining drops of juice from leaking. If it works well, then a few seconds later after the end of the cycle of squeezing, it stops letting drops out, this means it won’t make mess on your table.

Cleanness is a Pledge of Comfort

According to the results of surveys, for many people a very important factor is the amount of effort they would have to apply to clean the device. Armed with a sponge and water, our experts washed carefully each tested sample and chose the best one in this sense. It turned out to be the juicer by Philips, with a well thought out design; it can be washed in 3 minutes.

Awfully uncomfortable from this point of view turned out to be the juicer under the brand name Moulinex. Firstly, when removing the container for juice, you can mess the engine compartment. Secondly, a vessel for pulp is attached very uncomfortably: if you hold the juicer up in the air and try to take it somewhere, then the container can easily detach by any jerky movement. Thirdly, the white plastic of the body got orange stains because of carrots, which we didn’t manage to remove fully even with the help of detergents.

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Panasonic isn’t comfortable to assemble and disassemble. Moreover, no part of this juicer is suitable for a dishwasher, that is also a serious drawback. You can’t wash parts of juicers by Scarlett, Polaris and Vitek in a dishwasher as well.

Note: Even if the manufacturer of a juice squeezer allows washing some removable details in a dish washer, before doing it you should clean the filter screen and all the container under the running water, otherwise you’ll have to clean filters of pulp out of your dish washer instead.

juice squeezers how to choose
A few words should be said about the contracted capacity of juice squeesers: most of the samples have this criterion lower than it should be! 6 out of 7 samples even while processing hard carrots used 1.5-2 times less electricity than they were claimed to. From the point of view of economy it seems to be not bad, although it isn’t significant. The more important thing is that contracted capacity is a kind of marketing tool and, as a consequence, it is one of the criteria of choosing a model of a juice squeezer. Therefore, choosing a juicer there is no use in paying attention to this factor.

Drawing Conclusions

The best juicer among the tested samples has become the model by the brand Philips. Its price can hardly be called a low one, however its design is well thought out, to the details, and the device requires much less space for storage than its competitors do. If we speak about efficiency of processing fruit and vegetables into juice, than the Panasonic has no peers in the test. In addition, it is relatively cheap. However it won’t suit for a large family: the work compartment gets blocked with pulp very fast.

Moulinex doesn’t have this problem, however too many elements of the model are made with obvious functional errors, because of which cleaning of the body after processing carrots and apples can become a true nightmare.

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The device made by Braun could be called average if it wasn’t for its ‘premium’ price, meanwhile manufacturers scrimped for the ‘drop-stop’ system, without which the performance results turned out to be not very good: we had to wait for the last drops to get into the glass while the timer was on…

braunIf we speak about economy-class devices by Vitek, Scarlett and Polaris, then they didn’t show any outstanding results, some small functional backlogs were found however, there is no significant reason to talk somebody out of buying them. Only the price of Polaris raised our brows that turned out to be in the same price range as the much more efficient Panasonic model. From the point of design and efficiency this juicer isn’t better than its cheaper analogues by Scarlett and Vitek. Of course, if we don’t take into consideration the images of fruit on its body.

Juice out of 1 kg of apples (unfilt.), gr.

Juice out of 1 kg of oranges (unfilt.), gr. Juice out of 1 kg of carrots. (unfilt.), gr. Perfor-mance (carrot juice per min), gr. Noise level, dB (A)

Position according to the test results (collective estimate)

Philips HR 1864

700 698 508 1042 66.7 1 place

Panasonic MJ-SJ01

740 708 604 1064 72.2

2 place

Moulinex JU 5811 Easy Fruit


648 586 1000 82.1

3 place

Scarlett SC-JE50S10


530 526 980 71.4

4 place

Polaris PEA 0829 Fruit Fusion


588 592 446 70.2

4 place

Braun J300 Multiquick 3


656 552 463 66.5

5 place

Vitek VT-3655


580 551 467 80.9

6 place

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