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Sugaring in Home. Details on How to Avoid Errors!

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Reviews of Cosmetics. Sugaring at Home

Good evening, maidens!

I hasten to tell you about my attempts to cook the mixture for sugaring at home.

I wanted to do this for a long time, I saw here on the site a few recipes for sugaring and so I finally decided to do something myself.

In total, initially three attempts to cook sugar was made by me and it finally turned out the third time! Thank God, consumable item is cheapest.

I must say in my defense that I came across some unlucky recipes. For example, in one of them, the girl managed to boil the mixture for a whole 40 minutes, but it is not clear how. I burned sugar for 20 minutes, and it burned completely and then the whole house smelled until the morning, and I had to scrub away the pot for two hours from black rubber mix. So the author should make the residence “do not try this at home.”

Recipe of sugaring

The second attempt was also unsuccessful, sugar was not burned, but I could not achieve the desired viscosity and I just got candy.

Having got enraged I went to YouTube, picked a few of the most popular videos with recipes and cooked according to them.

Here is one of them.

Recipe of the sugaring mixture is one in all video:

One cup of sugar (300 grams), white sugar is better, it is cheaper and easier for you to determine exactly when the mixture reaches the desired color.

1/4 cup of lemon juice (40g),

1/4 cup of water (40 g)

(this amount will be enough for epilation of both legs up to the knees).

Before show you the photos of the process, I want to point out two major mistakes that everybody makes:

  1. In sugaring there is a rule “it is better to undercook than overcook”. You can cook the undercooked mixture, but the overcooked one just to send in a bucket.
  2. Irritation after sugaring will be not only if you have enough patience not to bang the hot mixture on the skin and to wait until it cools down well.
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Here goes:

  1. Stir well water, lemon juice and sugar.
  2. Put on medium heat, wait until the boil (2 minutes)

Reduce the heat to the most minimum and all the time stir, stir, and look at the color (5-7 minutes)to cook sugaring mixture at home

  1. The mixture in a moment begins to rapidly change color, therefore do not go anywhere, stir (2 minutes)

Once you see that the color changes to yellow, I recommend to remove it from the heat, wait for when the foam settles and look carefully. The color should be of honey maximum – the colors of mild black tea.

4. This step is the most important. If the mixture is too light, once again put it on a low heat and cook a little longer. Do not overdo it, remember the rule – better to under cook than over cook.

When the mixture becomes dark brown, fill the pot with boiling water and make a new batch.  For my method, the color in the photo below – is the maximum allowable blend of darkness, but it can be removed earlier.

A darker shade is made when then the balls are made from a mixture, since a dark mixture is more dense and viscous. But this is another method to cook the mixture of sugaring at home

We will not knead balls, this is to problematic.   And I have never managed to epilate properly with them. So I suggest that you should do hair removal by strips, as I will show next. It’s easier.

Everything else, I have noticed that sugar has a tendency to “reach” that is to darken even when you have removed it from the stove. So be careful.

  1. On the whole cooking it should take no more than 15 minutes, depending on your stove. On my gas it turns out in 10 minutes.
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Now we pour it in to a convenient container and leave to cool.

sugaring mixture

  1. In this photo, the color of the mixture seems very dark, but my camera distorts the color, it is the shade of honey.


I will use paper strips and wooden sticks for application, purchased in the store, if you wish you could do it with strips of cloth or even you could remove a mixture with hands, there is no difference. It is just more convenient for me. The caramel needs to cool for at least an hour, and it is better half an hour (it cools down very slowly). Keep in mind if you try to apply earlier – you risk to get burned.

  1. Density of the mixture in one hour should be like honey. It should be a comfortable temperature without burning, but not cold.
  2. We go to the bath, we smear like butter on a sandwich. I use for this wooden sticks, you can use any means at hand, it is very convenient dull table knife, which is just for butter.

I immediately put on top the paper strip.

We wait for 20 seconds, remove it with the fingers (or strip) against the hair growth. That’s all.

Photos without hairs I do not have, I have blond hair and the difference would not be so obvious. So you have to trust my word – the skin is smooth.sugaring at home

Comparison of waxing and sugaring at home:

  1. Sugar mixture has the pleasant smell of caramel.
  2. The wax is difficult to wash from the dishes, the sugaring mixture dissolves with water, (of course, in that case if it did not get very burned, and even so it is important not to overcook the sugar).
  3. But with wax there is less hassle and there is no danger to overcook.
  4. I have neither irritation, nor ingrown hairs. That is why, neither in that, nor in other case, nothing to say here.
  5. I have no pain during the hair removal of arms and legs neither during waxing nor during sugaring.
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If you have a free Saturday evening, I advise you to try this out. Sugaring it is a great budget option for hair removal. But like all budget it has some drawbacks. So what you are going to use it often or not depends on whether you are ready stand these drawbacks.

I understand that I did not discover America by my post, but maybe it will appear useful to someone.

The authors of mentioned recipes at the beginning – do not be offended. Inability to cook according to your recipes can be attributed to my “learning curve.”

Always yours, Multik


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