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How to raise your hemoglobin level?

how to raise hemoglobin level

Do you have a low hemoglobin level? Our website offers you having a look at the most effective recipes to increase your hemoglobin and start the treatment of anaemia.

It’s hard to overrate the role which hemoglobin plays in our life. It takes part in the process of transporting oxygen to the tissues and organs of our body and maintains the physiological pH of blood.

When hemoglobin drops too low, there will be some organ dysfunctions, a metabolic disturbance and an oxygen deficiency. The low level of hemoglobin is the first symptom of anemia. The thing normal level of hemoglobin for men is 13 to 16 mg/dl and for women is 12 to 14 mg/dl. The case when anemia is a single disease is a very rare thing. It’s a secondary thing and it always goes together with another disease. In some cases it can be rather difficult to find out the reason for the low level of hemoglobin. Unfortunately, there are such kinds of anemia which are difficult to diagnose.

lower hemoglobin levelThere are different reasons for anemia. The most frequent type is posthemorrhagic anemia (which is caused by a vast blood loss because of ulcer perforation, injury or surgical interference and so on), anemia caused by pregnancy or unhealthy diet.

Anemia symptoms

If you feel weak, buzzing in ears, headache and dizziness, you can’t do even light physical exercise and become tired very quickly, the level of hemoglobin is very low.

But you should remember that anemia isn’t a temporary weakness which can go away itself. Anemia is a serious disease which requires a comprehensive treatment.

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If the drop of hemoglobin is slight, anemia can be diagnosed only by a laboratory blood test. And until the disease becomes worse, the effective way of is treatment will be a balanced diet with lots of vitamins and minerals. Every day you should include into your nutrition at least 20 mg of iron which can normalize the level of hemoglobin in your blood.

dizziness and weaknessSymptoms of moderately severe or severe anemia are:

  • unwelness;
  • dizziness and weakness;
  • cheilosis;
  • skin dryness;
  • light blue colour of sclera;
  • sallow skin (especially on your hands and near the nasolabial triangle);
  • chipping nails;
  • dry and fragile hair;
  • loss of hair.

Traditional methods of anemia treatment

Traditional medicine offers you a great variety of drugs which helps to raise your hemoglobin level.

It’s necessary to mention that women need the greater amount of iron than men as they lose it during their periods. It’s difficult to create a balanced diet by yourself. Food can include two types of iron: heme iron (you can find it in food of animal origin such as animal’s fat, eggs, fish, meat) and nonheme iron (is in food of plant origin such as greens, legumen crops, berries, fruit, brown bread). Heme iron soaks through the GIT in the amount of 25-30%, nonheme iron – in the amount of only 5-10%.

To prevent the beginning of anemia doctors advise to include into your nutrition muesli, dried fruit, hips, fresh greens, apples, fresh juice, buckwheat porridge and  oatmeal, brown bread. The following foodstuffs contain iron in the given proportion:

  • dried boletes – 35 mg;
  • wild strawberries – 8 mg;
  • pig liver – 20 mg;
  • cacao – 12 mg;
  • blueberries – 7,1 mg;
  • rabbit meat – 4,6 mg;
  • beef – 2,4 mg;
  • carrots – 0,8 mg;
  • eggs – 1,6 mg.
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vitamin that help fight anemiaIt’s also advisable to include into your nutrition foodstuffs with a great amount of vitamin C. As it helps your body to absorb and digest iron much better. That’s why a portion of fruit or vegetables of a glass of fresh juice at the end of your meal will do you lots of good.

On the contrary such foodstuffs as coffee, chocolate, condensed milk, cheese and wheat flour prevent your body from absorbing iron. Those who want to increase their hemoglobin level should avoid such products.

However, the eating of only iron-containing food doesn’t cure anemia. That’s why in addition to the balanced diet doctors often prescribe various medicines such as Vitamin B 12 must be taken as well.  It produces in our body from brewer’s yeast, meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

If a patient has a severe case of anemia, he will be done a packed red cells transfusion. The plan of your treatment should be created by your doctor and will depend on the type of anemia and the patient’s condition.


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