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Salads with Red Caviar – Recipes

Salads with red caviar

Salads with red caviar are healthy and tasty. Salads with red caviar can be an unusual decoration of any table. Here are a few original recipes for salads with red caviar.

On any occasion, whether it is New Year’s Day, a birthday party or wedding, we always think about how and what to decorate the holiday table. Salad with red caviar could not be more welcome here, because red caviar is always luxurious and delicious! And it is also very healthy – the essential fatty acids, present in caviar, prevent heart diseases, blindness, depression, as well as play an important role in the healthy development of the brain! But ordinary sandwiches with butter and caviar are too banal; it is necessary to come up with something more original. And we will help you do so.

Salad Rolls with Red Caviar

For luxurious treats you can make a dish that combines salad and rolls with red caviar. It is very tasty, attractive and unusual.
We need: a spoon of butter or goat cheese, a slice of smoked salmon, a slice of lime, lettuce and, of course, red caviar.
Preparation: Chop the salmon into long strips of 2-3 cm in width, put the cheese on one side, neatly fold the strip into a small tube and place the caviar inside with a small spoon. Garnish the dish with fresh lettuce and a slice of lime and put the ready rolls with caviar on top.

The Japanese version of salad with red caviar is the same, only with the pieces of fish, cheese and green cucumber are wrapped in pita and, again, add red caviar on top.

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Salad with Red Caviar and Smoked Salmon

This is a simple, but a very elegant recipe. To cook it you need 100 grams of salted salmon, 150 grams of caviar, a cucumber, two eggs, 2 tbsp. of green canned peas, half of a red onion and a handful of finely chopped lettuce. Salmon and cucumber are cut into cubes. Boil the eggs and also cut them into cubes. Finely chop the onions. Connect salmon, caviar, eggs, cucumber, onions and peas. Dress the salad with mayonnaise and put it in a salad plate or serve on a plate in the form of a hill; decorate the top chopped Chinese cabbage or greens.

Salad with red caviar and smoked salmon

Layered Salad of Red Caviar

Ingredients: 6 boiled eggs, 4 boiled potatoes, 150 grams of cheese, 300 grams of canned squid (or salmon) and 150 grams of caviar.
Preparation: Grate eggs, potatoes, cheese and squid on a coarse grater, each ingredient in a separate bowl. Then make the salad with red caviar in the order described below.
Layers: squid, mayonnaise, red caviar, eggs (half weight), dressing, then eggs, half the weight of potatoes, mayonnaise, red caviar, half the weight of grated cheese, caviar, then the remains of eggs, potatoes and cheese. As a result, we get quite a chic layered salad with red caviar.

Salad with Red Caviar, Chicken, Oranges and Eggs

Tender chicken, the taste of orange, eggs supplemented with red caviar – this dish is worth a festive table.

Ingredients: 200 grams chicken, 1 orange, 3 chicken eggs and 150 grams of caviar. Boil the fillets of chicken and the eggs and cut them into cubes. Clean the orange, divide each slice into three parts. Connect the chicken, oranges and eggs, dress with mayonnaise and place the salad in a bowl. Garnish the salad with red caviar.

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 Salad with red caviar and chickenSalad with Red Caviar, Avocado and Egg

This is a beautiful portioned salad with red caviar, avocado and egg, which will surprise you with original refined taste. For two servings of salad you need an avocado, 2 boiled eggs, a red onion, 2 tbsp. of caviar and lettuce. Cut the avocado in half; remove the pit, and then the pulp with a spoon so that you get forms for the future of salad. Finely chop eggs and onion. Connect the pulp of avocado, eggs, and onions; dress the salad with mayonnaise, season with salt and pepper to taste. Fill the avocado forms with the salad and garnish each portion with a tablespoon of caviar. Now lay out the portions on lettuce and sprinkle with dill. You can, of course, put this salad with red caviar on a plate, but we’re fighters for aesthetics, aren’t we?..

Salad with Red Caviar and Squid

Everyone will appreciate the spicy and original salad with red caviar. To make it, you’ll need one squid, 100 grams of Korean style carrots, one cucumber and two tablespoons of red caviar. Boil the squid in salted water, peel off the skin and cartilage, cut the squid into fine strips. Cut the cucumber into strips too. Connect the squid, cucumber and carrots, add one spoon of red caviar, dress with mayonnaise, season with pepper and salt, and mix. Decorate with remains of red caviar.Salad with red caviar and squid

Salad with Red Caviar and Shrimp

Salad with red caviar and shrimp is easy to prepare and tastes sweet. To cook it you need 100 grams of shrimp, 1 tbsp. of red caviar, 1 cucumber and one half of a green apple.  Boil the shrimps in salted water for 5-7 minutes, clean and cut into slices. Peel and cut the cucumber and apple, too. Put the apples in a salad bowl first, then finish the salad with cucumber and shrimp. Each layer should be coated with mayonnaise. Decorate the finished salad with red caviar.

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Salad with Red Caviar and Seafood

Caviar combined with seafood. To prepare the salad you need a mixture of seafood (mussels, squid, shrimp, octopus), 2 tbsp. of red caviar, half a carrot, lettuce leaves, cucumber and tomato for decoration. Boil the seafood in salted boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Grate carrots in strips. Tear lettuce into small pieces. Cut the tomato and the cucumber into slices. For the dressing, mix 1 tbsp. of ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, add a quarter cup of heavy cream (30%), mix well. Put the seafood on lettuce, pour the sauce, garnish with red caviar and vegetables.Salad with red caviar and seafood


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