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How to Get Smooth, Perfect Looking Legs

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Beautiful legs are not only considered long and slender, but with soft, smooth skin that is always a pleasure to touch. However, attaining the perfect, smooth skin can be a difficult feat.

Many times, women don’t have enough time or money to visit a beauty salon. So, they think that the easiest way for them to remove unwanted hair at home is through the process of shaving. However, there is an alternative. The following article will provide you with the steps and necessary tools to get smooth, skin without shaving.

What is better: shaving or depilation?

Advantages of hair removal with a special cream:

  • It removes the hair and makes it thin
  • After depilation, your skin is perfectly smooth
  • The hair will grow back slower

cream for depilation

  • Its disadvantages:

  • Such creams can consist of poisonous chemical compounds
  • You can’t use it on damaged skin
  • Advantages of shaving with a razor:

  • You can remove undesirable hair in a few minutes
  • You can buy an inexpensive razor and use it for quite a long time
  • Its disadvantages:

  • There’s a big chance that you can damage your skin
  • It can cause in-grown hair
  • You need to protect your skin and treat it with a moisturizing cream
  • Hair will grow again quickly and become coarse

How can you protect your skin from damage during shaving?

So, what things are harmful to your skin during shaving and what rules should you carefully follow?

  1. Say “No” to any kind of soap.
    You shouldn’t use soap to shave your legs. These days, there is a large variety of special beauty products that allow you to shave your legs with comfort and without any further skin irritation. Soap dries your skin out very quickly and it takes a long time to restore the moisture.
  2. Don’t hurry up.
    You shouldn’t shave your legs in a hurry. If you move your razor slowly and carefully over the area, you’ll get a better result, which will last longer and your can avoid getting scratches and cuts.
  3. Clear skin.
    The succession of your action should be the following: take a shower or a bath and only then should you shave. Your skin should be steamed out well before the hair removal. This makes it easier to shave. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer after shaving and washing your legs up. It’ll help to soothe and moisturize your skin.shaving
  4. Be careful with skin damaged areas.
    If you already have a skin irritation or damage, shaving can make it much worse. During hair removal, you can damage the soft skin layer, which could result in blood poisoning.
  5. Shave your legs in the morning.
    Shaving in the morning is less painful than in the evening. At this time of the day, your skin is so hard and elastic that light razor movements will be quite unnoticeable.
  6. Moisturize skin on your legs.
    Don’t shave your legs without moisturizing them. If you don’t have enough time, or special cosmetics products for shaving, you need to, at the very least, put your legs under the water for few minutes before starting to shave them.
  7. Protect your skin from the sun.
    Many girls shave their legs right before going out. It can be dangerous. If sun rays hit your tender shaved skin, the latter can get dark spots, to say nothing of skin irritation and itching.
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Now when you’ve already known what you shouldn’t do during shaving you can start the very procedure.

How to choose the best razor

There’s a large variety of razors: with one or several blades, disposable or reusable, with moisturizing, disinfectant or freezing strips. There is also a great number of cosmetic products for shaving: gels and foams, lotions, oils, and creams with pleasant fragrances.

If you want dry, red skin that is irritated, you can use a disposable razor for as long as you wish. But strictly speaking, such razors should only be used once. Even if the moisturizing strip isn’t damaged, it is better to throw it away after a single use. Usual blades and razors can be used 3-4 times. At the same time, disposable ones are good when you travel. Electrical razors have become especially popular now. But you can choose the most effective one only based on your own experience.soft skin

How to prepare your skin for hair removal: skin moisturizing

You need to bathe your legs in warm water, which make your skin elastic and your hair soft and pliable. If you wish, you can also apply some scrub on your legs. It’ll help you to clean your pores.

You can use any beauty product for shaving: foams or mousses or gels or even man cosmetics. Apply some of it onto your skin and wait a few minutes until it soaks into the skin.

How to shave legs right

If you are used to shaving your legs against the direction of your hair growth, it is time to change your tactics. Shaving your legs in this manner damages your skin and causes ingrown hair, which can be difficult to get rid of. Don’t move with your razor several times on the same area. If you can’t remove hair for the first time, your razor is blunt and should be changed.

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Don’t dry your legs with a towel right after shaving. If you apply some moisturizing cream onto wet skin, its positive effect will be stronger. You can also use any face cream here. It helps you to prevent itching and any other discomfort.

Woman Shaving Legs

Skin problems after shaving

Many girls can feel certain discomfort after shaving. Many of them complain of itching and others often talk about skin irritation. Such irritation means not only itching but red spots on your legs and sometimes even pimples. To avoid such issues, you should take care of your leg hygiene before and after shaving and don’t forget to use a moisturizing cream after that. Don’t apply any self-tan creams or other special cosmetic products right after hair removal. If you legs have too delicate skin, there’s only moisturizing fragrance-free milk for the body to help you.

Pimples on the skin after shaving

If you have pimples on your legs after shaving, you’d better choose your razor more carefully. There are different reasons for pimples after hair removal with a razor. Firstly, you may not have prepared your skin for shaving in a proper way. On the skin, there could be some roughness or dead skin cells left. Secondly, your razor may not be clean enough. Don’t forget to clean the razor of all the hair and shaving cream. Otherwise, some of your removed hair and cosmetic products can be left between the blades of your razor where various bacteria will easily appear.

In-grown hair

There is one more problem which many girls may experience after shaving – in-grown hair. It looks very unpleasant: dark tips of hair stay under thin skin layer even after shaving and create the effect of carelessly shaved legs. Girls with dark coarse hair usually have such a problem more frequently. Such hair is often inelastic and if your razor isn’t sharp enough, hair tips can damage the soft skin top layer.

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Shaving creams

shaving creamsIf you have thick coarse hair on your legs, you’d better use a shaving cream, but not a razor. Apply such a cream onto your legs in a thick layer with the help of a special palette and wait for 5 minutes. Then wash up your legs with water and your hair will be removed together with the cream. By no means should you use such a cream on damaged skin areas because most of these cosmetic products are usually poisonous and contain thioglycolic acid salts which help you to get rid of unwanted hair.


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