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8 great ways to develop and improve memory

improve memory

It turns out that we can develop and improve memory without exhausting workouts and it is a pleasant way.

Ways to improve memory

Method one: a movable one

Whatever may be said about the run, there are their benefits, it is clearly. According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, running enhances the growth of nerve cells in the hippocampus –it is a brain region which manages memorization and spatial orientation. Experimenting on mice, the researchers found: brisk individuals have a better memory than their less movable relatives. So if you, for example, memorize poorly the road, for the start you should route the route of the daily jogs, and there, staring, and the rest of the way will be easier to remember.

a movable one

Method two: a forest one

Drink the juice of blueberries! Previously it was thought that it improves vision, and now a positive effect on memory has added to this property. During a study wich was conducted at the Medical Center of the University of Cincinnati, the old people with weak memory daily were given two and a half of cups of blueberry juice. Three months later, of such a juice therapy their memory improved markedly compared with those who took a placebo instead of juice. Blueberries also reduces the symptoms of depression and lowers blood glucose levels. Moreover quite available frozen blueberries worked better than fresh.

juice of blueberries

Method three: a sweet one

The third method was formulated by Professor Lee Fish from Glasgow Caledonian University. He believes that a lack of glucose and is the cause of all the problems with remembering. Jar (and preferably two) of sweet drinks before classes improves the memory of his students by almost 17%.  Glucose really activates the hippocampus, but here it is worth remembering about obesity, diabetes and other troubles. In short, only the students, but not often could drink sweet.

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sweet drinks

Method Four: a lazy one

It is not piece of news that restful sleep is the best tool for memory. To the joy of couch potatoes and researchers from Harvard Medical Center, confirmed this to me personally once again. Exacty during sleep the obtained information is put on the shelves and is transferred from  the temporary memory into a deep.

If a long dream is an unallowable luxury for you, memorizing whatsoever, arrange respite. Coffee breaks between meetings or lectures increase their productivity. According to Lila Devechi, associate professor at New York University, exactly during breaks brain assimilates just  received information. In general, the rest which is less valued in the information age, is absolutely necessary for its assimilation. Get enough sleep, and while working distract often for a cup of tea or coffee.

 restful sleep

Method five: a tea and coffee one

The eternal question of global intelligentsia “tea or coffee?” has, as it is apparent, two answers. Both are good not only for  taste but also for the memory. Tea (at that and black and green) helps maintain acetylcholine which transmits nerve impulses from cell to cell in the brain, particularly in the centers of memory. As researchers from Newcastle University have shown that both types of tea inhibit the formation of protein compounds that accumulate in the brain tissue in Alzheimer’s disease. But coffee lovers have something to flaunt. At the University of South Florida researchers treated mice whose brains had lesions similar to those of Alzheimer’s disease, to coffee. The tailed, which received daily dose of caffeine, were able to restore brain function and prevent it further deterioration.

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coffee break

Method Six: a low-calorie one

German scientists from the University of Münster offered to three control groups of elderly people have different food. In three months the group that was fed on a diet with a 30 percent reduction in caloric intake, showed significant improvement in verbal memory. So, the slogan “Less calories!” will be our motto in the chase if not for the slender, then for the solid memory!

less calories food

Method Seven: a “micronutrients” one

As it was confirmed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University in Beijing, magnesium  improves memory in elderly people. This mineral is contained in dark leafy vegetables, some fruits, legumes and nuts. It is necessary to consume at least 400 mg magnesium to men and to women – at least 300 mg per day for the therapeutic effect. In order to obtain with a guarantee a daily dose, it is sufficient to eat daily, for example, 100 grams of hazelnuts and oat flakes, 200 grams buckwheat, or 150 grams of 20% cocoa.

Method Eight: a futuristic one

But no matter how well we eat, there are things which are subject to God and genetic engineering. In Canada, again thanks to the mice it was found that the gene mutation can save memory. At the University of Montreal scientists blocked in experimental animals the gene coding for the synthesis of a protein called eIF2a, and mice mutant showed the wonders of memory. It is unlikely that such an experience can be repeated in humans, but scientists have been looking for a way to suppress the synthesis of this malware protein in human.

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