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Who is a Sociopath? Is it You?

How to determine if you is sociopath or not?

It is becoming fashionable to be a sociopath in our times.. As you have already guessed, it has occurred because of popular series. Sherlock, Dexter, Doctor House… It is excellent company, isn’t it?

But, first of all let’s understand the meaning of the word sociopath. You may search for features of a sociopath in yourself after this.

Psychologists say, that a sociopath is a version of psychopath who doesn’t take rules of society and behaves aggressively to other people. Women (girls all love bad guys), script writers (ideal hero of any mediocre soap opera), and psychiatrists (and how should they defend a dissertation one more time?!) like people with such type of mentality.

Statistics: sociopaths often become doctors. They choose such professions like pathologist even more often. It is a great joy for them: so many people and everyone remains silent. This is a  happiness of sociopaths!

The main problem of such people is that they don’t see any restrictions. A sociopath can’t behave him/herself in society or act responsible for his acts. Does he suffer from this? No. The simple reason of it: he doesn’t understand, that he do something wrong.

Sociopaths don’t love people. They don’t even love relatives. But psychologists are almost sure: sociopath may fall in love. But this person must impress depths of his soul. If this person decides to reciprocate the sociopath’s feelings, it will not be good for him. A sociopath only loves himself in all circumstances.

sociopath in yourself

But they are intelligent and inventive. They may lie intricately and manipulate people easily. Sociopaths are rather charming, at the first sight. But it is deceptive… It is possible to spend time rather merrily (of course, if he will want do it with you). First of all, don’t be too serious and a little bit indulgent. Doctor Watson is a good example.

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What, about you?

Answer the questions of our test, if you suddenly notice signs of sociopathy in yourself. You will get a positive or negative result.

You are a Sociopath,  if …

  • …you hate mass transit. It will be better for you to stay in a traffic jam during hours than go to a horrible subway or to a bus with a crowd of people.
  • …you have only one friend. But, this friend is imaginary.
  • … it will be easier to write 10 e-mails, than call one time.
  • …you never celebrate your birthdays, because you don’t want to invite guests. You don’t like to visit anybody.
  • …boss doesn’t remember your appearance. You don’t remember his name.
  • … loud music and noisy parties are absent at your home. Neighbors have doubts, that someone lives behind the wall.
  • …you prefer to go out from home early in the morning or late in the evening when it is not possible to meet acquaintances (or anybody).sociopath
  • … you may make a person cry without difficulty.
  • …you like demonstrating your power over someone.
  • … animals and children don’t cause you any tender emotions. They cause rejection.
  • …you may go out from home in a robe.
  • …it is possible for you to have no conversations for several days and feel excellent.

If you agree with half of these assertions, we may congratulate you  (or sympathize): You are a sociopath. But it is your choice, change yourself or not.


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