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Sugar Hair Removal: Tips, Tricks and Recipes on How to Do It At Home.


Sugar Waxing at Home

Sugar hair removal, or sugaring was popular even among the beauties of the ancient times. The first ones who learned to make sugar dilapidation were Egyptian ladies. Perhaps that is why this type of hair removal is still very popular in the Arabian countries, besides, according to their religious requirements, Muslim women should have as little body hair as possible.  Sugaring has many advantages: it is effective, suitable even for the most sensitive skin, natural and completely safe. It is easily washed off with water. There is a drawback – it’s a bit painful, but tolerable and everything vanishes without a trace the next day.

Unlike waxing, sugar waxing does not cause allergies, the skin after it does not redden and no pimples appear on it.

Sugaring at Home. Sugar Paste Recipe

Sugar waxing is so simple that it can be easily done at home. To do this you need to cook the sugar paste. The recipe is simple: 10 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of water and juice of half of a lemon.  Mix and heat all the ingredients in a saucepan on low heat, stirring them until the mixture becomes smooth. Do not change the heating temperature. First, the mixture becomes transparent, then bubbles appear and after that it will get a golden-brown color.

sugar hair removalBoil the mixture on low heat for about ten minutes until bubbles appear on the surface, and then cool it down – so that it will not burn you. When the mixture becomes viscous, gently take a little bit with your fingers. If the mixture (sugaring) does not stick, then it is properly cooked. Hair removal with the sugar paste gives good results in combination with the products slowing the hair growth. The hair is removed from the root, and then grows very slowly. Only the hair no longer than 6 mm is completely removed, so the longer hair should be trimmed slightly. Before you begin, make sure that all of the hair and skin is clean and completely dry, otherwise the effect will be weak.

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The sugar paste is applied in a thin layer in the direction of the hair growth. It can be better done not with the flat side of a spatula, but with its edge. Press a stripe of cotton fabric over the applied paste, leaving one side of the edge free. When the strip glues to the paste, take it by the free edge and pull sharply, strictly against the direction of hair growth. When pulling, simultaneously hold down the the skin with your other hand. Do not pull the strip up or to the side. When you remove hair from the more sensitive areas of the skin, do not apply a lot of sugar right from the start: it is better to gradually handle small parts of skin.sugaring at home

Pros of Sugar Waxing

Of course, the main advantage of sugaring to other types of hair removal is that it is natural and hypoallergenic. After all, the mixture for dilapidation contains no additives (flavoring agents, preservatives, dyes), and consists only of water and sugar. That is why the skin does not go red and no allergic reactions occur.

The effectiveness of the method can also be considered an advantage – as the hair does not grow for at least twenty days after the sugaring.

Another important advantage is that this method of hair removal does not require high or low temperature. Everything happens at body temperature, therefore burns or dilatation of blood vessels are unlikely, if you properly follow the hair removal technique.advantages of sugar hair removal

Sugaring: How it Works.

Components of the sugar paste penetrate deep into the hair follicle, so hair is removed completely, do not break and do not grow in. Thus, the sugaring allows to avoid inflammation.

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The unique characteristic of the sugar waxing is also revealed in the paste ability to not capture the living cells of the upper layers of the skin, but only coating and neatly removing all the hair. Even small hair which is no more than 1 mm long is removed. Ingrown hair can also be easily removed and, if necessary, the paste can be repeatedly applied to the same area of skin – injuries are out of question. Hygienic qualities of the sugaring treatments also serves to its popularity, as sugar can destroy disease-causing bacteria. It is almost impossible to get any infection during the sugar waxing.

Everything about sugaring.And, of course, removing the residual paste after the procedure is also very easy – all you need to do is just take a warm shower. No special products are needed to be used. Using the sugaring method you can remove hair on any part of the body: legs and arms, abdomen, armpits, on the upper lip; you can even correct the eyebrows and bikini line. Some women even learned to use this method to remove hair on the labia. Hair might start to grow again in four or six weeks – it depends on the individual specifics of your body. If you repeat the procedure several times, the hair will be weakened, and removing it would become much easier.

The painful feeling during the sugaring is rather weak: it can sometimes resemble a process of tearing an adhesive tape off the skin, and a slight redness might appear, which will quickly vanish.

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If you wish, you can buy a ready-made sugar paste, which includes gum arabic and citric acid. Thanks to the gum arabic the paste can be more easily removed from your skin, while the citric acid simplifies the procedure by tightening the skin. Unlike wax, sugar does not stick to the skin and does not contain any chemicals.

the paste of sugaringThe sugaring procedure can be done in a beauty salon without spending a lot of money – in fact, because of its simplicity, it is one of the most inexpensive forms of dilapidation.  A waxing expert would professionally degrease your skin and perform hair removal using a paste adapted for use in salons, and will apply a special calming ointment after the hair removal procedure. However, this method is so simple that mastering it at home requires no hard work.

The paste recipes are very simple, but you will have to practice to master how to cook it properly. Learn to keep all proportions, to maintain the right temperature, correctly determine the cooking time. Only the paste of the required consistency and temperature will allow you to get smooth skin without any problems.


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