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Testing new appliances: iron with steam generator

iron with steam generator

Irons with steam generator allow to effortlessly iron much faster and better, and their manufacturers do not rest on their laurels: they try to make appliances even more efficient and less cumbersome. We have tested two new models and are ready to share our impressions.

Irons with steam generator allow to effortlessly iron much faster and better, and their manufacturers do not rest on their laurels: they try to make appliances even more efficient and less cumbersome. We have tested two new models and are ready to share our impressions.

Appliance to be tested: steamgenerator Philips Perfect Care Silence GC9545


Power: 2400 Watt

Steam boost: up to 360g/min

Consistent steam boost: up to 120g/min

And also: double De-Calc, vertical steaming, steam nozzle, spray nozzle, suited for hard water, and a reminder of the need for De-Calc.

Philips Perfect Care Silence GC9545

The first thing that struck me is that the iron is very light. The main weight rests in the stand: together with it, the entire structure weighs 5 kg, so if your ironing board is not like a take-off strip and does not look entirely safe, you will have to place the iron on the floor or a stool.

The second thing that seemed unusual – lack of temperature control. The Philips steam generator uses the OptimalTemp technology: a combination of steam and temperature, which is suitable for absolutely all kinds of fabric (tolerating ironing, of course). However, I have quickly realized all advantages of this invention: it is not necessary to bother sorting the laundry by type of fabric. You can iron in any order. Steam gently but powerfully removes creases both from a bath towel and lace.

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The iron also allows you to steam things in a vertical position, and even more -to iron in ecological, i.e., more energy saving mode. Due to its light weight and smooth sole it is very “agile”: with it I was able to easily get to the furthest corners of my shirts and blouses, and fabric with any character (e..g, linen) quickly became obedient thanks to steam. It worked even if the clothes were over-dried, that is, when I ironed them a few days after washing.

Another important detail: steam generators are noisy as a rule, but a word “silent” in the name of my test subject is not for naught: it of course issued a kind of “rumbling”, but it was rather quiet. For example, you could iron and easily watch your favorite TV series without adding volume.

As for safety: the iron is securely fixed on the stand with a special

experience of using Philips steam generator

device. And that is a plus point. And I as a person who is always afraid to forget a switched on iron at home, liked it very much that an iron automatically shuts down if left unattended for more than 10 minutes. It also saves energy.


Philips PerfectCare Silence is a godsend for large families as well as those with small children. With it you can iron a mount of clothing while watching an interesting movie, spending half of the time in comparison with that needed for a conventional iron. Of course, such steam generator is not cheap, but its high price is justified – after all it is a reliable appliance of good quality bought for the long haul and makes life much easier.

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Appliance to be tested:a compact steam station Bosch Sensixx’x TDI90


Power: max 3200 Watt

Possibility of ironing multi-layered clothes: function MotorSteam

Steam modes regulation: Function Steam OnDemand

Auto mode for ironing: i-Temp (all types of fabric) and AntiShine (for dark and delicate fabrics)

Auto Power Off: a sensor safety system – SensorSteam.

Bosch Sensixx’x TDI90

Bosch Sensixx’x TDI 90 is a compact steam station, which resembles an ordinary iron in appearance. However, I would not call it small: after all, the iron is rather massive by weight and appearance. But multiple modes offer many possibilities: ordinary ironing for different fabric types, ironing using a constant steam stream, powerful steam boost and even automatic programs. AutoProgram i-Temp Advanced creates optimal temperature for any fabrics and allows to iron clothes without pre-sorting them. AntiShine program is designed for delicate and dark fabrics and protects them from unwanted shine that can appear if a conventional iron is used. I ventured to iron a black dress not on the inside, as usual, but on the outside and the iron by Bosch truly did not disappoint me. It’s funny that a switched on iron has flashing lights like a Christmas tree. The lights are changing depending on the selected mode.

Bosch Sensixx’x TDI90 bottomA sensor safety system – SensorSteam – is a wonderful invention. The iron automatically switches off within ten seconds after you have stopped hold it in your hand. At the same time thanks to its high power it heats almost instantly as soon as you continue to ironing.

The steam station pays for it’s compact form with a modest volume of water reservoir. As I have used steam without stinting while ironing, I have often had to add water. However, the iron does it’s work excellently. It perfectly smooths even four-times folded sheets, linen shirts and clothes with lots of small details.

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The manufacturer promises high power at lower than standard steam generator dimensions. But the iron does not look small due to all its built-in features and capabilities. On the contrary, it is bulkier and heavier than an iron with a classic steam generator or even its conventional (non-steam) counterparts. Nevertheless, it perfectly does its job and will be appealing to those who, for whatever reason (e.g., due to high prices and rather big size) does not want to buy a full-fledged steam station.



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