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Whether an induction cooktop is harmful?

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Domestic life problems gradually fade into the background with the development of the technological progress. We do not need to spend time on breeding fire and maintenance of the hearth, hand washing, or washing dishes, because a significant portion of domestic work is taken over by appliances: washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, multicookers and so on.

But the more progress is being made, the more functions the appliances get, the easier they make our lives – the greater are our demands. We want it more compact, of better quality, more economical, more powerful and safer….

For example, any housewife dreams of a good stove, because the quality of her meals, and most importantly, the cooking speed depend on it. The less time we spend at the stove, the more time is left for ourselves and our family.

advantages of special cooktopSome of the best cooktops are the induction type, but lately there is a lot of talk about their negative impact on human health. Let’s see if this is true and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the induction cooktops.

What is an induction cooktop and how it works?

An induction cooktop differs from the others by its special cooktop – it is completely flat without any elevations or coasters for pots. Heating of the pans is based on principles of electromagnetic induction (hence the name), and is done by the magnetic field transferred from the coil to the pan. That is, instead of the heater you have induction coils under the glass ceramic surface.

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Such plates have several advantages over those using electricity and gas:

  • cookware heats very fast and cooking begins almost instantly;
  • an induction cooktop burns less energy than an electric one;
  • cooktop does not work if there are no dishes on it. When you take them off the burner ring it is switched off and the cooktop is not hot, but warm after use (it hets only the casserole);
  • you can increase the power of one burner at the expense of the other (it’s the Booster function of intense heating);
  • the burner is made in such way that it heats the objects which diameter is not less than 12 cm, meaning that a spoon dropped onto the burner will not heat;
  • the cooktop is easy to clean and it can be done within a few minutes after cooking. It is remarkable that liquid or pieces of food that accidentally fell on the cooking surface, do not burn or stick to it.

cooktopIn other words, the induction cooker is not only easier to use but also much safer.

Is the induction cooktop harmful for your health?

Despite the obvious benefits, this technological miracle was viewed with distrust by the customers for a long time because of high prices and a new operating principle.

First induction type cooktop appeared about 25 years ago, but such cooktops are still hard to find in our homes. It is believed that the magnetic field has a negative impact on human health. Is that so?

According to the manufacturers, induction cooktops are completely safe, because the electromagnetic field generated in the process has low-frequency and does not affect even those wearing a pacemaker.

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Food cooked on an induction cooktop does not change its properties and does not absorb any harmful “radiation”.

cleaning induction stoveHowever, despite the manufacturers warranty, you should follow a few important rules:

  • the size of the bottom of the pan should correspond to the marked diameter of the cooking ring;
  • place the dishes strictly on the center of the cooking ring;
  • do not use the bowl, if its bottom is deformed;
  • do not lean too close to the stove when it is on. The optimal distance is 10 cm to the edge of the hotplate.

Disadvantages of the induction cooktop

But what are the exact disadvantages of the induction cooktops? They do exist, but they are a few.

First, if you bought an induction cooktop you might probably have to change your utensils. This stove would suit only the pans and pots which bottom can be magnetized. You can check this by a permanent magnet. If it sticks to the bottom, the cookware can be used. Sometimes such magnet is included with the cooktop.

cooking on induction cooktopCookware made of brass, glass and aluminum is not suitable for use with the induction cooktop. While those made of iron or steel, enameled and with a flat bottom would do nicely. However, such utensils can be found in every house as a rule, so this disadvantage is conditional. By the way, buying pots and pans pay attention to the packaging: there are always pictograms indicating for which appliances is it suitable.

Secondly, it is not recommended to install the induction cooktops over another metal appliances: dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, etc.

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And the third disadvantage of the induction cooktops is their high price compared to the other cooking panels. That is why they are more often found in a restaurant or a coffee shop kitchen rather than in an average home.

And what about your cooktop? Which one do you use?


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