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The test-club Allure: 13 dry shampoos

using dry shampoo

Allure began a block of articles which help you get ready in 5 minutes. Dry shampoos were the first tested. 

Dry shampoo has thrilled journalists around the world: they live in a “rush from one place to another” style and they always need to look their best. However, skepticism has been added to the rapture: will it be able to refresh hairstyle without washing hair?  Editorial office of Allure has selected promising products and tested them on themselves.

PROMISED: It helps extend sensation of freshness and purity of hair. Also it gives hairstyle additional volume.
TRUTH (tested by Ekaterina Predeina, Junior Web – Editor). “My hair is very thin and becomes dirty quickly: volume is lost and a greasy gleam appears. Dry shampoo from Toni&Guy resolved this problem, although not instantly: result appeared some time after application. Hair became visually cleaner, thicker and denser. They raised little bit at roots. Hairstyle looked plump and it didn’t lose volume even after a combing. Such effect remains only for a day”.

Dry shampoo from Toni&GuyPROMISED: It refreshes the hairstyle and makes it more voluminous. The precious oil microparticles give to hair gleam.
TRUTH (tested by Alice Orlova, Web-Correspondent). “Spray shampoo a distance of 20 cm. and comb your hair. Hairstyle really keeps voluminous and fresher for several hours. Disadvantages are harsh smell and package is so big, that it is not easily placed into a bag”.

PROMISED: Shampoo contains strong absorbent for absorbing dirt. It removes excess of grease and pollutants. Formula with silk proteins makes hair soft and silky.
TRUTH (tested by Anna Stupenkova, Web-Editor). “I noticed results after several pushes on a top of this shampoo: hairstyle became more voluminous and neater, hair wasn’t so greasy. I use shampoo for styling. It textures strands well. The only disadvantage is harsh chemical smell, however, it will completely disappear in a few minutes.”

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PROMISED: It is good for absorbing excesses of skin grease, adding volume to hair and keeping their color. It contains mineral Zeolite, which absorbs smell and gives a “powdery” coating.
TRUTH (tested by Irina Belous, Assistant of a Photoeditor). “It is the best variant for those who don’t like to spend extra time to shampoo. It is colorless and it doesn’t stay on hair as other remedies. But it doesn’t work for a long time. It is better to apply it again.”

dry shampooPROMISED: It contains talc, mineral absorbents in composition, pantenol and cedar bark extract, except talc. This shampoo removes dirt, remains of oils and products for styling and keeps volume for a long time. UV filters protect hair from sunlight.
TRUTH (tested by Daria Yureskul, Editor). “I have used many shampoos, but I liked this one because of the mild texture and hair doesn’t become sticky. It textures hair and gives full body: apply it on roots, bend head down and spread it with the help of fingers.”

PROMISED: It soaks up surplus of grease and cleans the scalp. Curls look fresh, clean and brilliant.
TRUTH (tested by Irina Belous, Assistant of a Photoeditor).  “I liked the package at first sight. But bottle is big and you will not be able to put it into bag. This shampoo really refreshes and saves hairstyle, if alarm clock doesn’t go off on time.”


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