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Useful Tools: Culinary Discoveries For July

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We enthusiastically studied the Internet and selected 10 small useful tools for the kitchen, which have pleasantly surprised us.

There are no trifles in everyday life, especially in the kitchen. It seems that you can peel potatoes with the usual knife but, doing it with a special peeler is much easier, more pleasant and graceful. It seems that it does not matter from what dishes you eat, but even the most ordinary soup can seem no worse than the restaurant one given in a beautiful plate. We can give examples to infinity. The truth is: it is just not worth it to ignore the achievements of scientific and technical progress. No one needs to immediate run to the store and buy a whole range of lovely stuff. To get started, just take a look. Perhaps in one of our surveys, you will find some useful tools that will make your life a little easier.

We enthusiastically studied the Internet and selected 10 small useful tools, which have pleasantly surprised us.

Knife for cakes

To serve a cake gracefully – that is a real art. It is not enough to guess the size of the piece and more or less exactly how to cut it, so you still need to keep the balance up to the plate! With a special knife, the Magisso Cake Server, your piece of cake will always be perfect and will be nicely located on a plate. To do this, it is simply enough to immerse the knife in the cake, squeeze gently the edges and move the cut piece on a saucer.Knife for cake

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Set for fruit cocktails

In the heat of summer it is so pleasant to treat yourself to a refreshing fruit cocktail or juicy smoothie. With the original set Trendy Cocktail by Moulinex – it is what you need to organize a summer party. In addition to the book with the recipes of the most successful fruit mixes, the set includes 4 trendy glasses and two silicone molds for the preparation of all sizes of ice (cubes and crushed ice). That is, if you don’t have bartender, nor a blender at home, this is what you’ll need to organize a cocktail party.Trendy Cocktail by Moulinex

Multi scissors for cutting greenery

In order to make your favorite salad even faster, you can use special scissors for cutting greenery by Fackelmann. They have the nice salad colored handles and five parallel blades, allowing you to chop herbs directly into the bowl or pan.Multi scissors for cutting greenery

The spaghetti measuring tool

It is not always easy to determine, at a glance, how much spaghetti to take out of the box. A special “spaghetti doser”, designed by Icelandic designer Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson comes to the rescue. It’s a funny tool with figures cut to allow you to measure servings of spaghetti for adults and children, as well as for those very hungry people who can eat a horse. However, this latter cutout is also suitable for a family of four.spaghetti measuring tool

Container for ice “Frost”

The hardest part of the preparation of ice is to bring the form with water to the freezer, without spilling a drop. The container “Frost”, by Tupperware, solves this problem. Thanks to the special design, the water can be poured into the special hole, directly from the bottle, you do not have to open the container for this. Special legs allow the cold air to circulate faster between the compartments, accelerating the formation of ice. As easy as it is to pour the water into the container, it is that easy to pull out the ready made cubes. It is simply enough to click on the silicone bottom. Apart from the usual ice, you can freeze herbal infusions, milk and even cooked berry desserts.Container for ice Frost

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A cup for snacks with a double bottom

Candy wrappers, shell of pistachios and olive pits on the coffee table are not pleasing to look at. Geting rid of the garbage and saving space on the desk will help with a specially designed cup for snacks with a double bottom (Joseph Joseph). Consisting of two plates (which can be used separately), it is able to hide those unpleasant things like cuttings, pits and wrappers. In addition, appetizers well look stylish served in such a plate.cup for snacks with a double bottom

Hand juicer for lemons and limes

This silicone juicer is a brilliant invention by Luki Huber for Lekue. It will not only squeeze out the juice in the right quantity without spray or seeds, but will help to keep the lemon as fresh as possible: if you have such a thing, a half of a lemon will not dry up in the fridge.Hand juicer for lemons

Barbeque and garden pot, two in one

There is, on any balcony, a large terracotta pot with aromatic herbs. However, not all of them hides the oven-barbecue inside. The original invention of this summer by Black Blum is specifically for urban balconies! As soon as there are friends on the doorstep, the cap with the green is removed. And, the ordinary garden pot turns into a real oven-barbecue. The tongs and grille that are made of stainless steel are attractive.Barbeque and garden pot, two in one

Case for bananas

Banana is a useful fruit, but it is not adapted to long distance transport. It always gets smushed in the bag and turns into unappetizing mush. The cheerful plastic case, Eva, which provides great protection for the fruit, comes with ventilation holes. It will help protect the delicate fruit.plastic case Eva

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Remover the middle of strawberries and tomatoes

An aggressive tool by Chef’n.  The Strawberry Huller is fun for fans of vegetable salads and fruit pastries. In an instant it removes the leaves and core of strawberries. And “takes a bite” stalk of tomatoes, leaving only the most edible pulp. These useful tools are pretty simple. The “mouth” of the remover is set in motion by pressing the button on the handle.aggressive tool Chef'n Strawberry Huller

This list of 10 useful tools are what we have found to be the perfect things for your kitchen this July.


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