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Ginger For Weight Loss, Contraindications, Ginger Root, Ginger Tea

The ginger for weight loss

Ginger is a fiery Oriental spice. Since ancient times, the healing properties of ginger were highly valued. At one time even the ginger root had circulation as banknotes in the East. Studying the ginger root, ancient doctors found in him a lot of medicinal properties, chefs did not hesitate to add it literally to all the dishes – from liquid hot soups to gourmet desserts.

The ginger rootToday we will talk about yet another wonderful property of this amazing plant, namely about how the ginger is used for weight loss.

In homeopathic practice the ginger root is mainly used, although its leaves also have medicinal properties. It is the best to use dried plants for the purpose of weight loss – it is more easily absorbed by the body and has a stronger effect.

First, let’s find out what useful properties the ginger root has. According to the research the plant contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and niacin and also almost all of the essential amino acids. Also the ginger root includes calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, potassium.

The ginger root helps to cure infertility and impotence, liver and gastrointestinal tract, colds and asthma, many other diseases. Also, ginger root has the property to stimulate the metabolism, increases the production of heat in an organism.

gingerTea with Ginger is a truly miraculous drink. Depending on the method of preparing it refreshes and invigorates, promotes weight loss and eliminate toxins from the body, cures colds and stomach upset. But you should remember that like any thing, even a natural remedy, preparations of ginger root have their contraindications.

Thus ginger tea is not recommended for use in gallstone disease, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis and ulcers, allergies, increased body temperature. You should be sure to consult with your doctor if you have heart disease and hypertension.

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Pregnancy and lactation are not a contraindication to the use of ginger root, however, in these cases, you need to drink ginger tea with caution, and no harm will come from getting the advice of a physician.

Ginger for Weight Loss

Most often, this plant is used in the form of tea. There are several recipes of ginger tea for weight loss, so you can easily choose something for yourself.

  • Ginger Tea for Weight Loss (the Basic Recipe)

The ginger teaIt is necessary to peel and grind with a fine grater a small piece of ginger root. We get 2 tablespoons of the finished raw material, which is placed in a quart jar or pot. We then add 60 ml of lemon juice, a little honey and pour the mixture with boiling water. We leave to infuse for about an hour. After that ginger tea for weight loss is ready to be consumed.

If you have decided to try to use ginger for weight loss for the first time, start an intake of tea with a half of glass. In the future, you can drink tea with ginger up to 2 liters a day.

  • Ginger Tea for Excessive Weight Loss

Garlic will help to strengthen the action of ginger for weight loss, which, like ginger root has a pungent taste, what this means is that it is able to “drive” the digestive and metabolic processes.

The ginger and garlic for loosing weightTo prepare 2 liters of tea with ginger according to this recipe we will need about 4 cm of the root of ginger, two cloves of garlic, and rolling boiling water. Peel and finely cut ginger root and garlic, it is better to cut ginger into thin slices, such as potato chips. Add all together in a bowl and pour rolling boiling water. After the infusion this mixture should be filtered through cheesecloth. Now, ginger tea is ready.

  • Ginger Tea For Weight Loss with Mint and Cardamom

For this recipe you will need about 60 grams of fresh mint leaves that you have to grind thoroughly in a blender. We add to the chopped mint half a ginger root, also pre-shredded. Then we sprinkle a pinch of milled cardamom into the mixture and pour boiling water. We give to infuse for 30 minutes. Then we filter the mixture and top up with a third of cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of orange juice. The beverage is ready and it is served cold.

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ginger to loos weightGinger tea for weight loss can also be used for other purposes. Here are some recipes that will help you not only lose weight but also to deal with other illnesses.

  • Hot Tea with Ginger

This recipe will help to keep warm and to cheer up after a long stay in the cold.

Squeeze the juice of two lemons and top up with boiling water to obtain the amount of liquid up to 300 ml.  Add two teaspoons of honey and a little chopped ginger root (it also can be milled). The beverage is divided into two portions, each of which 2 tablespoons of whiskey are poured.green tea with ginger

  • Ginger Root and Green Tea

Green tea is brewed in the usual way for five minutes. We pour it into a thermos and add a little dry ginger. After 30 minutes the tea can be drunk. It will help not only lose weight but also to cope with a cough, will bring out from the body harmful substances and improve the complexion.

Ginger root with the addition of yarrow, peppermint and elderberry flowers, brewed as a tea, save from abdominal pain and from stomach upset.

  • Ginger for Weight Loss in Other Forms

During fasting days salad with ginger for weight loss can help to achieve good results. To make it, we need:

  • 1 part of orange peel, ginger and celery;
  • 2 parts of the lemon and baked in the oven beetroot;
  • 3 parts of fresh carrots.

Orange, carrot, and ginger juiceYou need to cut, mix everything and add the vegetable oil.

Also chewing ginger between meals or during a big feast, in the intervals between courses promotes weight loss.

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In conclusion, it should be noted that you can make tea with ginger using the root or the powder of ginger. It is also very convenient to use a thermos for the infusion of ginger tea for weight loss. Losing weight with the help of ginger it is not a quick process. However, if you take ginger tea for weight loss on a regular basis for a few months, you can see visible results. A reception drink throughout the year can rid you of a dozen, maybe more, extra pounds.

Those who have already lost weight with the help of ginger, note that ginger tea for weight loss is the first in the effectiveness among its kind of teas. As well as that to lose weight with ginger will be easier if you at least limit the amount of sugary and fatty foods you consume.


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