Home Beauty Ideal sugaring: effective recipe of the paste

Ideal sugaring: effective recipe of the paste

Sugaring paste

Sugaring pastes recipes and application techniques have been passed down for centuries from generation to generation. So, even the beauties of the East removed unwanted hair on the body by sugaring. To learn how to make sugaring paste at home at home, read our material.


Ideal sugaring: effective recipe of the paste

It is believed that sugaring pastes recipe and hair removal technology was invented in Persia. Initially, this type of depilation was performed on the basis of honey, but it may be prepared using other active components.

Sugaring: paste recipe with citric acid

Recipe of the paste with citric acid is the most popular one. For its preparation you will need:

2 tablespoons of water, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of citric acid.

Pour the sugar into an enamel pot and add water. Place the container in a water bath, and wait until the sugar begins to melt. Once the sugar has melted, add the citric acid and mix. When the mixture becomes white, put the pan on the minimum fire. Do not cover it with a lid. Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring constantly.

sugaring recipesTo check the readiness of the mixture, drip it on a plate. If the paste does not stick to your hands, it is ready.

Shugaring: paste recipe with honey

If you have sensitive skin, you will like the paste with honey, which does not only effectively remove all unwanted hairs, but will also treat your skin very gently the skin. To make the paste you will need:

250 grams of sugar, a quarter cup of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of water, 2 tablespoons of honey.

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Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and put on a minimum fire. Constantly stir the paste. Wait until the mixture comes to a boil; cover it with a lid about 5 minutes after the boil. Occasionally stir the paste for it not to burn. Boil the mixture for 20 minutes, and then let it cool. It should be soft and plastic.

Sugaring paste with honeyIf instead of the paste you get a lollipop, you’ve overboiled the mixture. Reduce cooking time or try to cook the paste in a water bath.

Sugaring paste recipe with lemon

Paste with lemon will please you with their soothing properties. For its preparation you will need:

280 grams of sugar, a quarter cup of lemon juice, a quarter cup of water.

Stir well all the ingredients of the paste in a saucepan. Put the pan on high heat, wait until the mixture boils. Be sure to stir the paste. Once boiling, reduce the heat to minimum, stir the mixture without ceasing, and watch carefully for its color. After 5 minutes, it will begin to change it into a honey shade. Very carefully, make sure that the paste is not overcooked. It should be the color of amber – not darker. If the mixture has turned brown, you have overdone it, and it is only useful for the preparation of sweets. Remember, in the process of cooking sugaring paste, it is better to undercook than overcook, because the overcooked mixture is not suitable for the procedure.

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Reasons for unsuccessful cooking of sugaring paste can be the following: the quality of sugar, imprecise run-time steps during the preparation of the paste, as well as the inaccuracy of temperature control, since all ovens are different. Try to practice making the paste until you find your ideal brand of sugar, the proportions and the cooking temperature.

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