Home Beauty Elliptical Trainer: What Models are on Sale, Who Can Use It.

Elliptical Trainer: What Models are on Sale, Who Can Use It.

Elliptical machine: What is the best model?

Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines belong to the group of other cardio sports equipment such as steppers, body riders, treadmills, rowing machines and exercise bikes. In fact, the elliptical trainer is an exercise machine which reminds one of all of the mentioned models with some additional functions.

Like any other cardio machines it’s purpose is to strengthen your cardiovascular system, improve the work of the respiratory system and to help you quickly lose weight.

cardio machinesThe specific feature of all elliptical trainers is to move according to the elliptical trajectory and provide you with the possibility of back and forward motion. It’s supposed to have a complex effect on the most of your muscles (of calves, hips, back and chest), weight loss and boost your vitality in general.

Moreover, elliptical machines help you to build your endurance that will let you in its turn increase the time and intensity of your training.

Elliptical trainers have become more and more popular among women, because they’re a good alternative to shaping or fitness. With the help of so-called “elliptical step” you can involve all the female fat zones which are hard to properly work during usual fitness exercises.

Weight Loss Together with the Elliptical Machine

This elliptical trainer is a perfect way for running off excess fat together with a healthy diet and lifestyle, of course.

It’s widely known that if you burn off more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. When you reach the optimal level of training intensity, you will be able to burn off the maximum amount of weight losscalories. Many manufacturing companies include a calorie calculator into the construction of their exercise machine in order to make it easier for you to count the amount of burned calories.

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There’re also some models with some special anti-cellulite training programs. The display of the elliptical trainer will show you the necessary distance, time, type of the training program which you need to complete to achieve the best results in a short period of time.

How Can You Use the Elliptical Trainer

Due to its smooth, slow, cyclic motions the elliptical machine is one of a few exercise machines which can be used by people with arthropathy and spine problems. Providing with medium load all your main muscles, ligaments and tendons, in particular knee and ankle joints, this exercise machine helps you to get rid of fat from your stomach, build the abdominal muscles and make your skin firm and elastic. People of any age and of any fitness level can do workouts on the elliptical trainer. It’s possible because of adaptable load settings and high safety standards of the exercise machine.

Elliptical Machines for Home Use

A large number of different functions, technical excellence and real health benefits are the main reasons for the growing popularity of the elliptical trainer in our homes. It also has such advantages as compactness and mobility which make it easier for you to get it from the shop and find a place for it in your apartment. Some models even have special castors which let you move it around the flat. Jogging in the morning, skiing or fitness exercises – things which modern women don’t have enough time for, can be equally substituted by the workouts together with the elliptical trainer which is always right to your hand.elliptical machine at homeChoosing the necessary mode you can imitate cycling, stair climbing, jogging with different speed levels and so on and all these are right at your place.

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Different Models of the Elliptical Machines

There’re are three main kinds of elliptical trainer: mechanical, magnetic and electromagnetic.

Mechanical models are the simplest and least expensive. The specific features of its construction can’t provide you with smooth motions, as such an exercise machine is operated by a person and, of course, you can hardly say that it’s noiseless. Its advantages are price, weight, compactness (you can fold it and store somewhere) and electricity independence.

magnetic elliptical trainerMagnetic exercise machines have a magnetic braking system. Due to this it can move smoothly and be quite noiseless. They’re also comparatively inexpensive, even though they have an opportunity to choose the necessary load level and let you brake without jerking. One more advantage is the number of different training programs it has.

The main feature of an electromagnetic elliptical trainer is its electromagnetic braking system. It’s independent from the pedal motion and is operated by the computer. It’s the most modern and multifunctional type of elliptical machines. Its computer can choose the most suitable program which will be perfect for you and let you achieve the best results. Electromagnetic models are the most expensive, but they’re absolutely noiseless, wearproof and durable.

elliptical trainerThe price can vary greatly. This is the simplest exercise machine for home use with such functions as walking, jogging, skiing and cycling, can cost about $90, for example, Orbitreck Atemi AE201 made in Taiwan. Expensive models can be well worth several thousand dollars. Thus, you can buy the best model for home use from an American company – Vision S7200 HRT for $2330. For this price the manufacturers did their best and included into its construction the latest technological innovations and discoveries in the field of biomechanics of movements. With the help of such an elliptical trainer you can imitate walking up the hill, choose a program for tapping reserves in a particular zone or just train for burning calories in general.

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