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Diet at Gastric Hyperacidity

Diet at gastric hyperacidity during seven days

Gastritis is probably one of the most prevalent diseases of the stomach in our time. But gastritis includes also condition of mucosa, level of stomach active acidity of gastric juice, etc. Therefore, treatment, as well as diet can be completely different for people with an identical diagnosis. The women’s magazine JustLady will tell you which diet must be chosen for gastric hyperacidity.

Every adult person probably knows reasons of digestion’s problems. But people give attention to this only when the disease begins to remind about itself with painful symptoms.

We follow the principle: “skip breakfast; eat something at dinner; have a good supper.” Fastfood and other types of snakes are the only choice. Everything about this causes problems with stomach and also violence of usual acidity of gastric fluid.

Such a disorder of stomach is so much spread that many people don’t consider it even as a disease. They follow the old scheme of nutrition, adding medicines which were prescribed by doctor.

But such treatment doesn’t have positive results. Fits occur more often and exacerbation becomes stronger.

Today we will sort out with diet at gastric hyperacidity, which will help in period of exacerbation. You will also get to know about right nutrition, which will help you to reduce risk of a regular fit of disease.

Diet at hyperacidityFirst of all, let’s sort out the symptoms, which are typical for hyperacidity. Heartburn, burning pains in stomach, heaviness after eating, belch with bitter or sour flavor indicate on increased gastric acidity. Constipations of intestine and some loss of taste sensations are typical also for this disease.

Symptoms are noticeable better after intake of sour, bitter, spicy, fried, fatty and marinade food.

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If you have similar symptoms, diagnosis and you don’t follow the diet, such levity may cause exacerbation of disease. Hydrochloric acid (which is necessary for digestion of food) may damage stomach walls at increasing of concentration. It may cause even more serious consequences.

Diet at Hyperacidity

Which recommendations must be considered to stop development of a disease? First of all, pay attention to food and dishes.

Diet of gastric hyperacidity excludes fatty, saturated broths. Mushroom bouillon is especially dangerous. It is not desirable to cook too saturated vegetable soups.

Cook the first dishes in a form of puree soups and oat soup in periods of exacerbation.

It is better choose those vegetables which contain less cellulose, especially in period of a disease exacerbation. Carrot, potatoes, rutabaga, cauliflower will be suitable for you at any time. Radish, cabbage and sorrel eat in a small amount and only when you feel good.

Diet at gastric hyperacidityChoose fruits and berries which are not sour. Boil them when you feel bad. Mousses and puree from vegetables and fruits will metabolize better.

Choose non-fat meat. Meat and fish must be steamed. Products with fat don’t influence on production of hydrochloric acid. But fatty food lingers in stomach during more time. You have to avoid such situations. It is necessary observe carefully for amount of fats In the period of exacerbation. You can intake only 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil per day.

Diet doesn’t exclude pap at hyperacidity. It is possible to cook them with a help of water or milk. Curds, milk and eggs will be also useful for you.

Water, weak tea, fresh and dried fruit compotes and kissels will be the best among beverages. Avoid coffee, as well as carbonated beverages.

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Eat less fried, spicy and piquant condiments, pickles and smoking foods. Exclude such dishes completely during exacerbation of disease. Salt will be harmful for you too, but sugar will be harmless.

The split meals are one more rule for those ones who keep diet at gastric hyperacidity. Intake food often and with small portions.

gastritis dietPaying attention to combinations of food. It is not a good idea combine high proteins food with a high carbohydrate one. Drink water in a one hour or thirty minutes after meal. It is not recommended to drink water during the intake of food.

Such food diet may seem poor. But you may enlarge it, if you feel yourself well. You can eat a little piece of something permitted and tasty, if you are feeling better. But it mustn’t be regular and you have to return to the right nutrition.

Diet of Gastric Hyperacidity for Seven Days

  • Day 1

Breakfast: buckwheat pap, which were boiled on milk, curd souffle and a glass of tea.
The 2nd breakfast: boiled egg.
Dinner: oat soup, steamed meat quenelles, carrot puree and a glass of dried fruit compote.
Supper: steamed fish cutlets and a little bit of pasta.
Before sleep: Milk or cream.

  • Day 2

Breakfast: pap”Hercules” with using of milk, steamed meat noisettes, potato and carrot puree, milky tea.
The 2nd breakfast: curds-beet pancakes.
Dinner: Marrow soup-puree  with toast, beef stroganoff with pasta (boil meat), plums.
Supper: lazy dumplings with potato and a glass of tea.
Before sleep: biscuit, a glass of milk or cream.

  • Day 3

Breakfast: boiled egg and peace of dry bread.
The 2nd breakfast: carrot and apple souffle.
Dinner: rice soup with a milk, steamed chicken cutlets, omelettes and fruit kissel.
Supper: meat puree, potato puree and a little bit of spinach.
Before sleep: curd souffle.diet at gastritis

  • Day 4

Breakfast: rice pap on milk.
The 2nd breakfast: sandwich with a dry piece of bread, butter, cheese and milky tea.
Dinner: vegetable puree soup, boiled veal with vegetable garnishes and rice, apple mousse.
Supper: fish in polish way, boiled potatoes, herbal decoction or a glass of dog-rose decoction.
Before sleep: milk or cream and biscuit.

  • Day 5

Breakfast: casserole from noodles, curds and milky tea.
The 2nd breakfast: fruit or berry kissel and a little bit dry bagel.
Dinner: soup with chicken, chicken meat with rice prepared in oven, salad from grated apples and boiled carrot.
Supper: beef rissole with pasta and a glass of tea.
Before sleep: milk or cream and biscuit.

  • Day 6

Breakfast: egg souffle, “Hercules” pap and tea.
The 2nd breakfast: a glass of milk kissel.
Dinner: carrot soup-puree with toast, potato mash, steamed fish cutlets.
Supper: boiled potatoes, spinach, a veal schnitzel and a glass of dog-rose decoction.
Before sleep: cream or milk and rusk.

  • Day 7

Breakfast: semolina pap with milk, meat souffle.
The 2nd breakfast: fruit souffle and milky tea.
Dinner: vegetable soup-puree, baked apples and a little bit of jam.
Supper: vegetables with a meat mince, pudding from curds and a glass of tea.
Before sleep: cream or milk.

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Diet at gastric hyperacidityAs you see, this diet can be varied and tasty for gastric hyperacidity. Of course, also use medicines which were prescribed by a doctor. Your doctor may give you some recommendations according to nutrition depending on your diagnosis and state.


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