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Pixie Haircut: care, styling and who does it suit

Pixie Haircut

Pixie means “Fairy” or “Elf”. A small gentle creature. And girls who decide to say good-by to their long locks might start resembling it.

Pixie Haircut gives a boyish enthusiasm to your image, emphasizes the face and neck line, making a woman look younger. It is suitable for those who like to change: with a simple styling, you can create feminine or a rocker image.

Today we will tell about who would look good with a pixie haircut and how to style it.

Pixie Haircut: history of popularity

Pixie is the name of an ultra fashionable hairstyle in which the hair at the temples and the back of the head is shorter than on top of it. This hairstyle came into fashion in 1953, when the film “Roman Holiday” starring charming Audrey Hepburn in the title role came on screens. The haircut was a part of the plot: Princess Ann cut her hair to get rid of the role imposed on her and gain freedom.Audrey Hepburn

Ten years later, an unknown fifteen year old Leslie Hornby spent about eight hours in one of the London hair studios, where the stylist Leonard Lewis and colourist Daniel Galvin worked on her new image. A resulting haircut was somewhere between a Bob and a Pixie tinted in a light strawberry blond, helped the girl to literally storm into the fashion world. This was Twiggy.

TwiggyAround the same time another actress, Mia Farrow, has made the pixie haircut, but this time on her own, using just nail scissors. The company Paramount has decided to “refine” it and make a little shorter, for which Vidal Sassoon was invited. The rumor has it that the hair stylist paid $ 5000 to have these pictures appear in the press.Mia Farrow

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At various times, the pixie haircut was worn by Liza Minnelli and Madonna,


Liza Minnelli







Linda Evangelista and Kira Knightley,Linda Evangelista

Kira KnightleyNatalie Portman and Agness Dane,

Natalie PortmanAgness DaneVictoria Bekhem, Emma Watson,

Victoria BekhemEmma WatsonRihanna, Anne Hathaway, and many other stars.

RihannaAnne HathawayMost recently they were joined by Charlize Theron, Coco Rocha and Pamela Anderson, triggering a wave of discussions about their personal life: such changes can not be overlooked!

Charlize TheronPamela Anderson







Who would look good with a pixie haircut?

If you have a small face and large or just unusual facial features, do not hesitate,to cut or not to cut- you can happily go to the hair studio! Pixie Haircut emphasizes the plump lips no less than any plastic surgeon, and makes large eyes even bigger. The thing is that it draws attention to the face, and you just can’t help looking at it. Pixie Haircut suits girls with oval or elongated thin face and hair of almost any texture.

Who would not look good with a pixie haircut?

A pixie haircut is definitely contraindicated for owners of small tight curls they will be extremely difficult to style. Girls with small features should also be careful: it can both enlarge and visually reduce them. Those with a round face and short neck also should be careful with such an extreme experiment. For a starter collect your hair with pins, take a few pictures and see if this image fits you.pixie

An ideal hair color for a pixie hairstyle

Choose bright shades. The brighter – the better! Auburn, blond, dark chocolate, copper – your new hairstyle will be nice with any rich color. Add some bright strands: the shades of the same color will give your hair extra volume while fashionable color of this year would make your style look extravagant. But be careful with the light brown: combined with the pixie haircut it might turn you into a teenage boy.

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How to style?

Despite the small length of hair, pixie haircut provides a lot of possibilities for creativity. The easiest option of styling is to smooth the hair using a small amount of lotion, cream, gel or wax, depending on the structure of hair. If you try to avoid styling products, you can use instead a non-wash thickening care product or a hair oil. Stylists have long been using care products for styling.

If smooth hair does not suit you, just rumple your curls with fingers, applying the same gel or wax or by using a texturizing spray and then separate single strands. You can apply mousse and raise hair, fixing it with varnish.

best pixieAnd it is also possible to try make do without any styling products. In this case non washable sprays will help: apply them in larger quantity than usual. To not make your hair heavy use shampoo for create volume before that.

Your helpers:

  1. “Maximum volume” shampoo by Avon.
  2. “Extreme volume” shampoo by Schwarzkopf.
  3. A shampoo for adding volume to thin hair Volumetry L’Oreal Professionnel.
  4. Non-washable conditioner Equave Revlon Professional.
  5. Non-washable conditioner Prive.
  6. Fixing wax “Secure control” by Wella.
  7. Styling spray Express Style Worked Up Paul Mitchell.
    8. Styling gel Hard Up Short Sexy Hair.
    9. Texturizing spray Casual Toni & Guy.
    10. Texturizing spray Dry Texturizing Spray Oribe.

Pixie haircut specific features

  1. All short haircuts without exclusion should be renewed regularly, so they do not lose their shape. Meaning you will have to have your hair cut quite often.
  2. You might get bored with this hairdo. In such case you can try to grow a long fringe covering eyebrows.
  3. Pixie looks good only on clean well-groomed hair. Short hair is impossible to pin and tuck, so you might have to wash your head more often.
  4. Try keeping your makeup always perfect: this haircut draws all the attention to your face.
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