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How to lose weight during pregnancy? If is it possible?

to lose weight during pregnancy


Mysterious and unique time of pregnancy… It is time  the powerful rejuvenate of the female body under the influence of hormonal changes. Why not use this time of grace, in order to start a “new” life – lose weight, rejuvenate gradually learn healthy lifestyle?

Someone would think that the author is joking – how it is possible to lose weight during pregnancy, obviously involving weight gain (there are figures of 12 kg in clever books, but in real life there is not rare “gain” in the 15-20 kg per child), due to the increase in weight of the mammary glands, the creation of reserves for future breastfeeding?

The author does not joke – with a reasonable approach to nutrition during pregnancy and breast-feeding virtually any healthy woman is able to both not to gain extra (note: extra) kilograms, and even to lose those kilos that were accumulated before pregnancy due to increased physical exertion.

Let’s start with the notion of extra kilos, from which they are formed. The calculations are simple enough:

  1. At the beginning of pregnancy, the organism of future mother makes strategic reserves of fat on the abdomen, around 1-1.5 kg, which serves as additional protection to the growing baby.
  2. The maximum weight of the amniotic fluid is about 1 kg.
  3. The optimum weight of the child before birth is 3.5 kg.
  4. The placental weight is 0.5-0.7 kg.
  5. An increase in mammary glands, uterus and blood volume 2 kg.

Special diet for the last trimester

Thus, the normal increase in weight will be 8-10 kg. In other words, if during the normally occurring physiological pregnancy, the expectant mother is coming to birth with the weight gain less than 10 kg, this means that the pregnancy resulted in a physiological gradual weight loss. There is question: whereby it is possible to lose weight or not gain extra kilos during pregnancy, not only does not harm the baby, but on the contrary, improve him?

Let’s just delete the following explanations:

  1. Severe toxemia of pregnancy.
  2. Deliberate fasting or dieting to lose weight during pregnancy.
  3. High stress, shock or unfavorable financial situation.
  4. Diseases.
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The only reasonable will be the following factors that contribute to, inter alia, the normal course of pregnancy:

  1. Healthy live food, the complete exclusion from the diet of artificial foods and beverages, as well as refined foods.
  2. Consumption foods rich in vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements in its natural form.
  3. The correct distribution of food intake during the day.
  4. Special diet of last months of pregnancy.

Now, in order.

Healthy live food

natural vitamins

It is well known that during pregnancy is especially important to eat properly – eat unrefined foods, eat plenty of greens, fruits, vegetables (both raw and minimally processed form), rich in vitamin C and other vitamins, honey, milk products, bran, unrefined cereals etc. Use beautiful natural products for cleaning and feeding the organism:

  • drink in the morning before eating vegetable and fruit juices, especially useful lemon and carrot (if there is no allergy) juice in half with water;
  • take honey with acidic juices, before eating or at night;
  • drink the living water – boiled water, as you know, it is dead water, and pregnant women and it is not recommended to abuse fluid, you should prefer water and broths to fresh fruit and vegetable juices;
  • include in your diet only whole foods – fruits with peel and grain (where it is possible), vegetables with husks and tops of vegetable, whole grain products, bran is excellent sources of not only proteins and carbohydrates, and mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements;
  • do not abuse with meat – there are many other more useful protein sources, both animal and vegetable origin: seafood, poultry, eggs, milk and especially fermented milk products, mushrooms, eggplant, nuts, sesame, soy, beans, buckwheat, bran, tops of vegetables and so on., the meat should be consumed mainly lean, not more than 1-2 times a week;
  • try to minimize the consumption of salt – and it is not useful and leads to an increase in fluid intake;
  • reduce the time of heat treatment of products to a minimum – cook using steam, stew with the peel, bake in a closed form, avoid frying food in oil.
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Natural vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements

It is no secret that vitamins are best absorbed from the food intake of vitamins in different complexes is, firstly, strong load for outputting system, since it works at the limit, and secondly, most of them are not digested at all. Try to eat in such a way as to compensate for consumption of vitamins, but remember: all vitamins except the water-soluble vitamin C, tend to accumulate in the body, which means that to gain weight is no better than lose it. Live unrefined foods, vegetables, fruits, juices, cereals, bran, dried fruit, milk and fermented milk products, – is natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Separately, it must be said about the “nightmare” of pregnant women – it is calcium, which is forcibly fed by doctors. According to recent reports, excessive consumption of foods rich in calcium, especially in the latter stages of pregnancy, is fraught with calcination of the fetal head, which can lead to severe birth and birth injuries, since the head can not properly configured in the birth canal.

healthy food for pregnant

Proper food intake

Try to eat more high-calorie and difficult to digest food in the morning, leaving at night more easily digestible food, such as: easy low-fat cottage cheese, dairy drinks, light vegetable salads with the vegetable oil or sour cream. In the evening, after a 7-8 pm it is undesirable to eat, because both your body and the baby, who has already adjusted to the rhythm of the mother, are preparing to sleep. If you feel a strong sense of hunger, eat dried fruits, nuts, bran (currently the extremely delicious bran in the form of air flakes are commercially available), when they all fall into the stomach, they swell and create a feeling of fullness even with a small amount, while possessing huge energy value per unit weight.

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It is extremely useful to use vegetables and fruits in raw unprocessed form, which is particularly important in the last trimester of pregnancy. In addition to the nutritional value the fiber occupies a large volume of the stomach as opposed to the high-calorie, refined products of fast preparation. It must be remembered that the absorption of such food depends on the ability to properly and carefully chew food, as well as on the state of the digestive system as a whole.

It is proved that the fetus of a mother, who eats by a low calorie diet and is experiencing physical exertion, moves much more active, and the movement has a vital function and preparation for childbirth.

diet during pregnancy

Special diet for the last trimester

In the last 3 months mostly the weight gain of already formed child occurs. According to the data of practicing physicians at this time it is recommended to focus on vegetables, fruits, nuts, salads, herbs, milk and dairy products, whole grains, dried fruits, eliminating or nearly eliminating from the diet of meat and meat products, eggs, white bread. For 3 weeks before delivery, it is also proposed to exclude milk and milk products as a calcium source, as well as products of animal origin (meat, fish, poultry, eggs), passing on vegetables, fruits, whole-grain cereals and teas. It is noteworthy that women who follow these guidelines, a child’s weight to the birth is about 3 kg, diameter of the head is not more than 35 cm, and itself births is much easier, with minimal damage.

We would like to note the following: The most beautiful thing – that the transition to a healthy diet will allow you to not only conceive and give birth to a healthy baby, but also improve your health, lose weight and rejuvenate yourself. At last farewell:

  • remember that it is necessary to go from the table with a slight feeling of hunger;
  • let your food be your medicine and your medicine – food. Hippocrates;
  • food – is not the only source of energy in the world.



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