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How to lose weight quickly at home?

lose weight quickly

We all have a great desire to be slim and beautiful. But sometimes we just can’t go to the gym, do exercises regularly or keep to a strict diet. So, how can we lose weight at home just doing usual housework? Here’re some simple rules which can help you to lose weight quickly.

10 rules for losing weight quickly and at home

1. Keep regular hours and meals

The first rule to begin with is to schedule your day. Divide your day into several parts – some time to wake up, to have a wash, to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, to do housework and so on. Include into your day plan 5 meals with equal time intervals between them – breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.diet for quickly losing weight

If you have a family and you should cook dinner by the time you husband return home, try to make it after you’ve already eaten to resist the temptation to taste everything.

Look through your schedule and think when you can spend at least 15 minutes on yourself. It’s better to choose the time before breakfast or before afternoon tea (when your baby is sleeping). Spend these 15 minutes on simple exercises – squatting, stomach or leg exercises. They give your some energy and you’ll soon get used to them.

2. Exclude alcohol

Even if you drink alcoholic beverages rarely, you’d better exclude them at all. Beer, wine, whisky and others have calories and when you’re drunk, your appetite increases greatly.

And don’t forget that you’ll definitely drink alcohol with some appetizers and there will probably be bacon, cheese, sweets, salt oily fish and so on. You’re unlikely to drink beer with apple and refuse from a piece of red salmon. So, if you don’t provoke yourself to eat such food, it will help you to lose weight.Exclude alcohol

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3. Spin the hoop and jump over the rope

It’s always a pleasure to skip the hoop for a while and then to feel that it helps you to be in a good fit. It seems to you that 10 minutes a day doesn’t change anything, but you’ll get a wonderful result in a week. Skip the hoop while watching TV or waiting for the washing machine to finish its work. If you have some spare place in your apartment, you can either skip the hoop or jump over the rope. About 30 jumps a day will be enough for you to keep fit.

4. Change your dishes

It’s a psychological method and it works. Change your plate into a smaller one and thus decrease the amount of food you usually eat during your meals. Don’t put dishes into one plate. Use one small plate for some soup and the other for salad. And try not to give yourself a second helping!

5. Keep a diary

To keep an eye on your progress, weigh yourself at the beginning of your training course and write down the result. Write down your day or week plan, your fails and achievements, the foodstuffs you’ve eaten during the day, the number of cigarettes if you’re smoking or the number of days without smoking if you’ve already given it up.Keep a diary

Weigh yourself every evening. As soon as you notice the first positive results, your  motivation will increase for the further dietary goals.

6. Use various creams

Nowadays there is a great variety of slenderizing creams in our shops and they all are easy to use at home. Choose an anticellulite cream or scrub or slimming body applicators.

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Bu at first put some cream on your hand to find out if it’s suitable for your skin and you aren’t allergic to it. And begin to use it actively only after the test. Take a shower in the morning, use some cream and put on your comfortable elastic sport pants. Repeat it in the evening before going to bed.

7. Do your housework as if it’s a sport exercise

Turn washing, ironing, cleaning, shopping and other housework into sport exercises. When you go shopping, don’t use the lift, but the staircase. If your bags aren’t heavy, walk up the stairs again on your way home. While ironing, it will be good for you to sweat profusely. So, put on such clothes which help you to create “sauna effect”. Use every opportunity to lose weight and get the desirable result.

8. Exclude some foodstuffs

If you want to lose weight, you should forget about some foodstuffs forever. Vegetables, fruit, fresh steamed meat and dairy products should be your best friends. Exclude from your everyday meals bread and pastry. Decrease the amount of cereals and potatoes, and forget about pasta.

Exclude bread and pastryAnd of course there shouldn’t be any of mayo, cheese, butter or sausages even if you can’t live without them.

9. Don’t eat in bed

Make it a rule to have meals at the table. Eating in front of TV or having snacks while walking about the house don’t do you any good. Spend 5-10 minutes on your meals, don’t hurry up and leave the table until you finish eating. It’s also advisable not to draw your attention from your meal – turn off the TV, put aside your mobile phone and stop reading.

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10. Take a bath

Water is very useful in any time of the day. Take a contrast shower in the morning. Use hydromassage on the most problem areas of your body. Take various cosmetic products. Essential oils relax your muscles. Shower gels help firming and tightening your skin. Different scrubs have anticelluite and warming effects on your skin. After the bath dry yourself with a bit coarse towel.

Have a good time at home!


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