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Fashinable Provocation: How to Choose and Wear Stockings


The Most Seductive Thing in Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Stockings are a trendy provocation and seduction weapon which make men crazy. You can’t say that they are a necessary or useful thing, but you shouldn’t ignore them when you need to seduce your beloved. Spring should make girls wear them more often and modern versions don’t only look sexy, but are quite comfortable. Our article, in which we’ve gathered all the rules for wearing stockings, will help you to know all the secrets of man’s seduction.

  1. There’s a great variety of models and only your imagination and boldness help you to choose the best stockings. For everyday use you’d better take a plain and smooth one which won’t show from your clothes and will stay up on your leg due to the thin silicone stripe.
  2. HOW TO WEAR STOCKINGSIt’s advisable not to put up some kinds of clothes together with stockings. Among them there’re tight-fitting dresses made of thin silk, miniskirts, shorts and some other things which will look vulgar together with stockings.
  3. Pay careful attention to the stockings when wearing with clothes of light colors. In this case you’d better choose nude color. Try to take the stockings which match your skin color and avoid models with a strong tanning effect.
  4. As a rule, black stockings suit clothes made of strong fabric, nude one will be good for light dresses and white stockings can be put on only for your wedding day.
  5. Only girls with perfectly slim legs can let themselves wear stockings with different patterns and lace because such things make your legs visually bigger and attract people’s attention.
  6. Stockings with a vertical line on the back part of your leg look very sexy, but only if you’re lucky enough to have beautiful nifty legs.
  7. One more important question is how to choose stockings for office wear. Remember that fishnet stockings are suitable only for an evening event. It’s improper to wear them in the daytime even during informal meetings, say nothing of a working day in an office. For work it is best to buy the most laconic and ordinary models.
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Put on a suspender together with your stockings to add the most tempting effect and make men crazy.

One of the most frequent questions is “how to attach stockings with suspenders?” We can offer you simple instructions. If you learn it, you will never give up this method which will give your look a bit of fire.

  1. STOCKINGSFirst of all put on stockings, pull them on and smooth out all wrinkles.
  2. Then put on the belt. You can connect it like the usual bra. Do it in such a way that there will be two garter straps in front and two behind your leg.
  3. Regulate the length of the straps so that all of them will be equal and a bit higher than the stockings line.
  4. The most popular models of stockings have a special hook. And all you need to do is to pull on the stockings over the rubber button and fix it into the clasp. Take care to fix the clasp tightly enough. Otherwise you can get an unpleasant surprise when your stockings come undone in the most unsuitable situation.
  5. Fix the other straps in the same way. Use a big mirror to help with the straps that are behind your legs.


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