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The Most Fashionable Hair Color in 2016 by Stylists

most fashionable hair color

Girls always want to be trendy, and tend to dye their hair in a current shade.

So, what colors and methods of dyeing hair have become this year’s most stylish and popular?

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Photos of the Most Fashionable Colors and Shades of Hair 2016 – Fashion Light, Dark, Red Hair Color 2016

Dyeing of hair – is a very important step. By the choice of fashionable colors should be treated seriously, with an understanding of all the possible consequences.

  • The light brown hair color 2016

light brown hair color Even 5-7 years ago this color was considered a part of the image of a “gray mouse”, but now the tone has gained immense popularity among girls. This color creates the effect of volume hair and gives the girl charm.

If you have decided to dye your hair in fair color, choose a light-brown or ashen shade. This painting fit light-skinned girls, having green or blue eyes.

  • The mocha hair color 2016

This – “tasty” color, which is very popular among girls 20 to 25.

mocha hair color Such shade refreshes the face and looks in harmony with the highlights hair. The highlights adds to your hair more luxurious and expensive look.

  • The red hair color 2016

Today, red hair is very popular. Fashion and famous stylists unanimously repeat, that this shade gives a woman of mystery, splendor and completeness of image.

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red hair color Also the caramel shade of hair is popular, it looks like a light shade with a hint of red.

  • Black hair in the season 2016

Yes, this color is still in fashion and always remains the most popular.

Black hairBut if you really want to dye your hair in a dark color, you have to take responsibility for the condition of your hair, as the black color is not suitable for thin and fragile hair.

  • The chestnut hair color 2019

At the top of popularity there is a dark brown color, it always drawing attention to the girl.

chestnut hair color The best shade for today is bitter chocolate, which is perfect for brown-eyed or green-eyed girls.

  • Blonde in 2016

This color does not even need to comment – it was fashionable at all times. Today, the most fashionable is the natural color with sand coloring.

BlondeThe most important requirement of the procedure it is choosing the right dye (that not to get the color of dried hay or completely white).

Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2016 – Degrade and Pearly Shades

This year, the original dyeing of hair have become quite popular. For example, degrade or the use of pearlescent shades to give brilliance and a luxurious look to the hair. So, what kinds of dyeing hair are popular and fashionable in 2016?

  • Degrade Hair 2016

This type of dyeing involves a smooth transition from one specific color to another. Degrade (also known as ombre) may include several different shades, perfectly combined with each other.

Degrade Hair Transition of the color can be both sharp and smooth. If you have decided to dye your hair in the technique degrade, we advise you to visit the salon, because it is almost impossible to make this kind of painting at home.

  • The pearlescent shades in hair dyeing 2016

Often, on the packaging of a hair dyes there is an indication not just a light brown color, but the “mother of pearl light brown” or “mother of pearl blonde.” Pearly shades are distinguished by their brilliance and durability.

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pearlescent shades in hair In the paint composition there are pearlescent particles, creating the effect of glitter on the hair. The image is reached very bright and attractive, so this painting came into vogue in 2014.

Stylish Hair Highlights 2016 – Whether it is Fashionable Hair Highlights in 2016?

With full confidence we can say, the highlights are still in vogue in this year. This method of dyeing hair is very popular among girls – it looks natural and beautiful. The most popular is bronzing and classical highlights.

  • The hair bronzing for hair 2016

This coloring is suitable for almost all girls. It is done as follows – strands are dyed not at the roots, but on 2-3 cm below.

The hair bronding This helps to achieve the effect of naturalness, as if you have just arrived from a holiday in sunny countries.

  • Classic in hair highlights 2016

And the classic highlights remain popular as well. This procedure involves dyeing individual strands from 2 to 5 millimeters wide, ranging from the hair roots.

Classic in hair highlights This dyeing looks very stylish and it is suitable for almost all hair colors.

The Most Current Versions of Coloring Hair 2016 From Stylists

In 2014, coloring became very popular. Coloring involves dyeing of individual sections of hair in one or another color. Commonly different colors between 3 and 15 are used, to achieve a more natural and original dyeing.

What options for coloring are the most popular in 2016?

  • Multi-color hair coloring 2016

This type of hair dyeing involves the use of a wide range of different shades.

Multi-color hair coloring Multi-color coloration helps to achieve a more natural coloring and maintain healthy hair.

  • The pearlescent coloring of fashion hair in 2016

This is the dyeing hair with the use of a particular dye that changes shades under different lighting.

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The pearlescent coloring This method of dyeing looks very impressive on the hair color blonde, or light-brown hair

  • Neon coloring 2016

This is a unique and striking kind of dyeing, helping to create a vivid image. A lot of young girls go to the salon for coloring with using bright and sometimes crazy colors.

Neon coloring hair Often dyeing is limited only a few bright strands, but many make a colored likeness of the highlights. If you have dark or very light hair, then this type of coloring will look great.

  • California coloring for 2016

This dyeing looks as if your hair is burned on the beach (almost bronzing but it is made differently).

California coloringYou can change your image in a few hours, but the result will please more than one month – it’s worth it!


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